Tuesday, February 9, 2010

quiet morning...

morning ride detail

detail of morning ride. see the full piece here. for sale here.

a quick hello to you! i'm in between sticky fingers and painty hands, working on a some more pieces for my new series. this was the piece that started it all off... i'll share with you more on this tomorrow, but i wanted to say hello and wish you a happy tuesday. luckily this girl (that's me) has sunshine shining into the studio, lots of new ideas flowing around her and a lunch date lined up for today. that's a good day i'd say.
until wednesday~
xo *s


  1. oh, if i had $100 to spare....!
    love your work - it's so cheery and dreamy and inspirational!


thanks so much for saying hello! i do my best to reply to comments, please know i read and appreciate each and every one! xo *s