Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{8 things}

fresh from the garden

a list of {8 things } that have made me happy today

1} bright green buds bursting out on the trees (this morning)

2} fresh cut daffodils from the garden (at breakfast)

3} getting back into a routine here after being so busy elsewhere

4} our long, but exhilarating day of studio photo shooting today

5} cupcakes and iced coffees (afternoon treat)

6} freshly picked wild leeks for dinner (my husband found them this afternoon for us)

7} full pink magnolia blossoms (this evening)

8} mint chocolate chip gelato and this show (as soon as i finish typing... !)


  1. I am loving Parenthood too. I hope it stays on for a long !
    Beautiful things - and I also love your table cloth - great colors and pattern.
    Enjoy the Spring time treasures, Sarah !

  2. wow, if i ever encountered "wild, fresh leeks" i would be enjoying them for dinner, too. leeks are my favorite! thanks for sharing this 8 things. so glad you're back ;)

  3. Have to see Parenthood!
    Love your 8 things lists:)

  4. sarah! (okay, word verification is "restie", so i'm thinking this is your ticket out of any guilt about not posting at your blog for a bit :) not that you need one!)

    i'm loving getting caught up here. have a wonderful photo shoot and hug thea for me!

  5. Sounds like such a lovely day! Your blog is always a bright spot for me! Thanks! And happy spring!


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