Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ada's debut!


ada maeve bellemare
born may 21, 8:14am
6.6 lbs & 19.5"

day one

day two

home with the peanut

she's a good sleeper

we are over the moon!

all went really well! it took me longer than i thought it would to get these quick iphone pics up for you to see, but between nursing, sleeping and lack of sleeping, it's hard to get much done! here we are on day 12 of her life and things are really going well, we pretty much just spend our days staring at her in awe. at this point, we have finally managed to get settled into a little routine here at home and are feeling really good. we just can't imagine our lives without her... she's a keeper.

thanks so much for all of your well wishes and messages!

more soon
*s, j & little a


  1. oh ada. welcome to the world sweet baby girl. i know your mommy is beaming with love.

  2. Oh, she's beautiful! Welcome to the world, sweet girl. And many congratulations to your beautiful family of three. xo

  3. awwww! she has such sweet little lips :) beautiful. and May 21st is a great day to be born. it's my birthday too. :D

  4. huge happy congratulations! she's absolutely beautiful. welcome to the world, ada! <3

  5. Huge congratulations to you both! She looks like you! So happy for you. :)

  6. s,j, and little a! soooooooooooooooo sweet! May blessings abound!! Lots of love to you three sweet hearts from all your pals/fans in Ithaca! xxxomegan

  7. she is so very sweet... I am so pleased everything went well. Enjoy these precious first weeks of staring in awe at the wee bundle you so cleverly created together. x

  8. She is beautiful!! Congratulations!!

  9. What a sweet little bug !So glad all is going well. Congratulations to your lovely new family of three !

  10. Aww shes beautiful, Congratulations! X

  11. i'm so happy and excited for you all!! she is so sweet looking!!
    enjoy every moment!!
    xo and smiles~ jill from n.h. : )

  12. Welcome beautiful baby !! enjoy this moment with your baby, is so unique !!!! xoxo from Buenos Aires !!!

  13. I sure see a lot of Ada's mama in her! :) She's beautiful, Sarah. So happy for you all!!

  14. what a perfect baby girl!!! xoxo to all

  15. she is adorable. i love the pic of her with her arms gently covering her face. yes - spend time just staring at her!
    * sleep when she does! (throw a load of laundry in the tub before you head for a quick nap - if you are fortunate enough to have a washer & dryer in your place)...
    * eat simply! better for everyone involved.
    * fall in love (again!) with your husband - you have created a beautiful daughter!

  16. oh sweet ada maeve! she's just
    d a r l i n g !

  17. Congratulations on your beautiful girl! Don't worry about getting anything done -- just keep staring. That's the important work now. Hope to see you in Northampton this summer!

    --Kate Godin

  18. YAY! Beautiful one, oh Sarah, she is lovely.
    Short labor at the hospital? holy crap! Your see you soon was just before 5, and she was born just after 8?

    Thinking of you and sending such big love to you all.

    Welcome Ada! oh I am so very happy for you all.

  19. What a little darlin'! Mucho congrats to you and your family!!!

  20. how beautiful is this little love that angels kissed all the way here......

    hold her close and breathe her in.....i wish i had done it more than i did and i did it constantly....

  21. she is in a word beautiful, and ever so sweet. I so remember when my girls were such tiny wonders, held so close....she will surprise you every day, the awe never goes away, it just changes from time to time.

  22. your best work yet! :) She is lovely! My first was a May baby and that summer is etched in my mind as one of the best ever.

  23. so glad to meet her - she is beautiful! I especially love the last picture - so darling!
    Congrats and welcome to the world sweet baby girl!

  24. She is sooo beautiful! And born on my anniversary...a special day indeed. Only about 4 more weeks until our twins arrive! We are VERY excited to meet them!!!

  25. I just happened to stumble in here while looking at your profile for a squam retreat I wish I could attend and this sweet little girl was the first thing I saw! Just adorable :). As I new mom myself I know how precious this time is and I'm hoping you are enjoying every moment. It goes so quickly. My little Angel Face is almost 6 months old now and it has passed so quickly!

    By the way, I love her name. My daughter's middle name is also Maeve! I thought it was such a unique choice (chosen to honor my grandmother) and now I've seen it used by 3 bloggers I follow :). Great minds think alike. It's truly a beautiful name with a lovely meaning.

    I hope you enjoy your new baby. Can't wait to browse around here a bit more!

  26. Oh Sarah, congratulations on your beautiful daughter! I am so late to the party but I wanted to add this comment anyway! She is just beautiful. :)

  27. Out of curiosity, I googled the name "Ada Maeve" and this page came up. We named our daughter Ada Maeve as well. She was born on Martha's Vineyard on July 25, 2010. Congratulations to you and...GREAT NAME CHOICE!

    1. wow... i just came across this message! what a coincidence! thanks for sharing and yes, a GREAT name! :)


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