Monday, July 5, 2010

{8 favorite things about summer}

what i love about summer (one):

what i love about summer (two):

(see bigger here & here)

we've been staying close to home with the peanut lately, but i wanted to celebrate summertime with you here by sharing some of my favorite photos... these really capture what i love about this special time of year. i'm hoping to get out and about to take some more polaroids like this soon...

thanks so much for the baby congrats! we feel very lucky to have such wonderful friends out there! thanks for your sweetness...

a lot happening around here, keeping busy with baby and a very big art related project! (will spill the beans as soon as possible... ) spending most of my free time in the studio, thank goodness for baby swings and my super helpful mom and husband! please forgive the light posting, i'll do my best to pop to share some more summer inspirations very soon.

xo & happy july!



  1. Your baby is so cute !!! enjoy her company !!

  2. Love the polaroids. Is it an effect, or are they real? Either way, they're awesome.

  3. thank you! : ) we are enjoying her for sure!

    briana- these are 8 real polaroids that i took and then i scanned... : ) i really was surprised how neat they look once scanned! happy summer to you!

  4. love to see polaroids and they are beautiful pictures!! enjoy your summer, sweet sarah!!
    can't wait to find out the big news!!
    your bundle is such a great treat to the world!!!!!
    xo and smiles~ jill from nh : )

  5. congratulations on your new baby girl. She is darling. Enjoy every second. even the hard, sleep deprived ones. they go by SO fast.
    warm wishes,

  6. Your baby Ada is beautiful! Happy Birthday. Happy Anniversary, And i wonder if I know what your big art related project is!?
    See you in September at SAW!


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