Wednesday, July 21, 2010

birthday cake for us!

happy birthday(s)!

stephanie and i share a birthday... and it's today!

happy birthday stephanie!

i thought we should have some cake to celebrate!

i'm working in the studio for most of the day, ( a good thing ) then it's off to a new brick oven pizza place for a birthday dinner sans baby! (a treat!) but don't tell ada about all of this celebrating... today is also her 2 month birthday and she can't have cake OR pizza yet!

enjoy the day! xo *s


  1. happy birthday : )
    (and no worries ada has lots of time for pizza, cake and celebration) have a creative, productive and delicious day!

  2. happy birthday sarah!!! hope you are having a lovely, fun day!

  3. HAPPY HAPPY day to you Sarah!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! You deserve a celebration!!

  5. happy happy birthday sarah! I hope you had some great cake and a great dinner with your husband :)

    I am late with my wishes, I will be making us a belated birthday post later today!

    you have a lot to celebrate :)


  6. Happy Birthday, dear Sarah! Hope you have a wonderful day. I bet I know who will be with Ada for your birthday dinner..............

    xoxoxo Liz

    Onset next week. I'll go visit "our beach", too!

  7. happy birthday, enjoy your family, have a nice week !!

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