Tuesday, August 24, 2010

is it really september?!

when did this happen?

geeze. summer has certainly been a blur...

as you may have noticed, i had to take a little august bloggy break. wasn't the plan, but man oh man, moving with a wee one was a challenge! happy to say we are finally on the other side of the hardest part, and we are beginning to feel like this is really our home. and amazingly, some unpacking & putting away of things has actually been accomplished.
between our adorable 3-month old and heavy work load, it's been hard to take the days off needed to unpack boxes and put things where we want them. slowly but surely it will happen,k and i'm doing my best to remain zen-like as i meander around boxes in every room! i know the unpacking will get done sooner or later, but it's so hard to not have the time to get it all done at once! you see, i have always been a nester, a real "everything must have a place" type of gal, so you can imagine that it's totally making me crazy to live amongst boxes... but i must remember this too shall pass, right?!

this sure has been one busy summer. last summer, when i was laid up after knee surgery, i promised myself that next summer would feel more like a real summer. ( real summer= a nice vacation or two to the seashore. sandy toes & clam shacks a must. ) alas, since this summer has looked something more like this: baby + work + baby + work + baby + MOVE + work + baby + unpack+ work! which, added all together and packed into a couple of months = no vacation. all work and not enough play does not a happy sarah.

oh well.

okay. that's it.

i'm done complaining about what has not happened this summer and i'm ready to move on and show you a few things that have happened that have really been great. i'll be here every day in this first week of september sharing with you some of my favorite bits from the past few months... a mix of art, life and baby stuff. i hope you'll like the posts, and quite possibly just might forgive me for not being here so much over the summer. preparing these posts for you is making me feel happy for what has been really lovely about this one crazy summer, and, at the same time, it's getting me very but at the excited for what's to come durning the calmer, cooler fall....

how are you feeling about the summer coming to an end? it's always a mix of emotions for me, but the fall temperatures will be perfect for long walks in the stroller with ada. i'm looking forward to one of those every evening. what are you looking forward to this fall?

okay, now
onto my summertime list
for you:

{ one }


let's pretend we went to a late summer carnival and ate cotton candy together, shall we?!

this is a brand new painting debuting this week at the enormous tiny art show at nahcotta! the show officially opens on friday, but the pieces are up on the website today. click on over to see this one for sale, alongside my other new pieces made just for the show. what a great bunch of artists, i'm so thrilled to be included in the lineup once again!


{ two }

this song really sums up how it's been going here these days as we attempt to settle into our new little home.... i love so much about this video: the trumpets, the whistling, the high quirk factor... a great song for my late summer playlist.

those are my two things for today. i'll be back tomorrow with more...
so nice to be back, i've missed you!
xo *s


  1. i'm glad to see you back... can't imagine moving with a baby + work... my oldest daughter (33 yrs old) is moving from Berkeley, CA to Wash DC - i'm struggling with how much i should offer to help... i live 4 hours south of Berkeley - which requires giving up a precious weekend...
    i've moved my girls from home-dorms-off-campus houses-post-college & grad school rentals... i'm feeling tired just thinking about moving.
    hope your unpacking is going well.

  2. I love the new work! I struggle sometimes with the idea of incorporating photos of actual people in my work...I love old photos, but am worried about the idea of being disrespectful to the (often unknown to me- if, say, they're antiques shop finds) subjects. I love how you find a story in the image and build it up with little added details.

    On moving with a baby...stuff does tend to take forever...it took me 2 months to finish painting one room when we moved with our 6 month old...only being able to paint during nap time - but then having so many other things to do during nap time - meant I'd only get one coat or wall in per week!:)


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