Friday, October 8, 2010

rain rain go away

finally! the rain has cleared and so has my head! we've been getting out for strolls and collecting leaves in the sunshine. yesterday i walked into town and ada slept and slept, for almost 3 hours, so i kept on walking... it was a perfect fall afternoon, a hot cafe vanilla in hand and some phone calls with friends. then, as luck would have it, we ran into jen, right in front of the bakery. i had just 4 dollars with me and the loaves of (amazing) bread are 5 (and worth every penny i assure you!) so she spotted me the buck and we both left with loaves of bread and a soft homemade pretzel in hand to share. another hour or so of walking and chatting the afternoon away was just perfect. so nice to run into a friend.

we celebrated j's birthday last week with a trip one of our favorite spots for books, dinner and cupcakes. ada cooperated and we had all had a great time, it even felt a little bit like life before baby when we were "free" to poke around book shops and have leisurely meals next to waterfalls... this time, dinner involved me sitting awkwardly so that she didn't get peanut noodles dripped in her ear. (hard to eat with a sleeping baby strapped to your chest!) but we are lucky that she's a happy camper and that she goes with the flow, so evenings out are getting easier and easier.

it was a perfect afternoon, so we even took a little family portrait to mark the occasion.

i've also started a yoga class again which is wonderful. it is conveniently located right across the street from our house, and is one hour, 3x a week. just escaping to the mat alone for 3 hours a week leaves me feeling like a new woman.

i'm not one to share too many other things that i find on the interwebs here, well, just because there is SO much and i tend to get overwhelmed, but here's one spot that i've discovered and think is absolutely lovely. i can so relate to everything she has to say... the day to day with a new one can be so unbelievably challenging! we're incredibly lucky to have lots of support and chances to escape, but man oh man, i can totally relate.

speaking of challenging, you may have guessed that i haven't gotten my squam pictures out of the camera yet, and you would be right about that. umph. (see above comment about the day to day life with a newborn) my camera is officially broken and i've been snapping shots with my iphone lately. not bad though! see some more here.

we're off to a fall festival this weekend!
hooray for fall and the first columbus day weekend in years that i haven't been trapped in my art show booth instead! so excited to get out and explore...

i'll be back next week with my BIG announcement. can't wait to finally spill the beans!!!

xo *s


  1. Love the family photo :) So excited to hear (I guess, read) the big announcement!!! xo

  2. Hi Sarah-
    Loved this post, the family picture is adorable!!! Baby Ada is getting so big! Exciting news about H, we will all go antiquing!!!

    Can't wait to hear your news!!!!!

    Lots of love, Liz

  3. sweet read. thanks for posting some new places to check out. the family photo is so flippin' darling!!!

    xo and smiles~ jill

  4. Big announcement? I would love to know your book is coming out sooner than Spring time ... bigger than that?

    Ouf ... I am a Scorpio and we HATE secrets ... okay, I will patiently wait ...

    Meanwhile ... my dog decided one of my Mix It Up pieces needed a little extra work and so he tackled a couple of corners ... I was heartbroken at first, but then realized the magic and energy of that day does not resist in one piece; it is a part of my spirit and my attitude now. I have a pack of new boards awaiting my attention and I cannot wait to begin a dialogue with them :)

    I love the family photo - Ada has your sparkle, your spirit and glow. I have found with my daughter, within reason I take her along to whatever it is I want to do and she adapts to those environments. She is great in restaurants, movies, art museums, and art stores! And yes, once I found a noodle in her diaper ... hmm ... how did that happen?

    Okay, you had better post that news in a timely manner or else we will be emailing you!

    xo Lis

  5. lis-
    you are cracking me up...
    so the big news has been spilled... but since you were one of the lucky ones at squam, you already knew my "secret"! ; )

    i love that you are carrying the "magic of that day..." so excited to see what you make now!

    love the noodle story.
    xoxo to you lis...

  6. liz- it's really happening! H is back and we are going to go antiquing! awesome new place to show you here... love the pic of a & t..
    ada misses you! xo *s


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