Friday, December 31, 2010

half the sky

photo by lisa hoffman

click on over to see my friend lisa's *beautiful* video! please VOTE today! it's an amazing story...sure to melt your heart. Watch video and vote here.

she's hoping to support the half the sky foundation. read more about this project on her blog.

thank you for this video lisa, & good luck! xo

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  1. Thank YOU Sarah! It was a wild rush to make the video in one weekend and then have less than 2 weeks to gather votes (the campaign began the end of October) but thanks to all the generous support of so many creative souls like you, I believe my piece ended up #15 out of 195? (I pulled up one slot in the final day - thanks to everyone staying with me!) And 40 prizes are to be awarded, so fingers crossed I am in the final round?

    Happy 2011! It feels like it is going to be a brilliant year. Big hugs to you and to sweet Ada ♥

    xo Lis


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