Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{8 things}

the stressful morning edition

coffee table

8 am
lovely way to greet the day: mysterious charges on my paypal account. no, i tell the nice woman on the phone, i did not spend $100 last night at 1 am on itunes. she was very nice and super helpful. i do love a good help line. problem solved.

8:44 am
create new super long password i may never remember as an added security measure.

i spy coffee. ah.

9:02 am
coffee moment interrupted by baby crawling around the living room. must focus on this little trickster. boy is she fast. phone cords? yes, please, i'll try to pull that out of the wall. dirt on the floor? yum, that was tasty. (note to self~ time to vacuum)

9:30 am
time to get that little teether down for her nap. she was really tired and went down easily.

9:45 am
for some crazy reason, i decide to try on some dresses in my closet in an effort to get a jump-start on spring cleaning. why oh why did i do this to myself? i should have known that there was no way that i'd be able to zip 'em up, not with this new nursing mama body, but of course i try. and fail, miserably. cute dresses into consignment shop pile. try not to feel too bad. blah.

10 am
finally find the coffee and actually drink it.

10:15 am
spontaneously write the post that you are reading.

more soon. xo *s


  1. some where in your day i hope you try and be kind + loving to yourself!
    be well, sarah!!
    hugs + smiles~ jill

  2. Sounds like a productive day already to me! (sans the dresses which may fit sooner than you think ... running after an increasingly mobile child does wonders to the metabolism!) I am so excited for your book release! And first birthday? Oh, I cannot wait for those pictures :)

    Ahem ... i see no large stains, chunks of food or dirt on that carpet! Relax and have another cup of coffee.

    xo Lis

  3. I like the way you laid out this post. So many days I hear the same mental chatter (minus the child :)

  4. i like the 8 things post...that's living in the moment!
    i so love my girl walking bird print, and your sweet note, thank you!

  5. Ah, baby-chasing, cold-coffee days. That's the life! Glad you got your paypal account worked out. :)
    My Blog

  6. Thank goodness a paypal disaster was averted!! Glad you finally got that coffee and a chance to take care of YOU.


  7. I can totally relate to your day !!! Thanks for making me smile and for the beautiful art and blog, such an inspiration when i get a chance to have a look. x

  8. I can definitely relate to the part where you describe trying on spring clothes in your closet...I unexpectedly gained 30 pounds in the last year, and let's just say that more than half of my warm-weather wardrobe will be sold at our annual garage sale. The silver lining? You and I can both go on a mini-shopping spree and purchase some gorgeous new fashions!:-)

  9. I say save your favourites of the dresses, and they will fit again before you know it, and then trade the rest in for a dress you love and fits you now... Me, I can't imagine how you do what you do with a little one. I don't have children and sometimes can't find my coffee, nor the piece I was working on just a few minutes ago, and at least 5X a day I find myself standing still somewhere saying to myself "NOW, what was I...." (fill in the ellipse) x


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