Friday, April 15, 2011

a first for friday

one of my very first paintings (4 feet long!)

this is one of my very first paintings that i made as a "real artist". i had just rented my first studio space and was spending all of my free time there, painting long hours, forgetting to eat or sleep and learning so much!

this was also made during my "blue period" when i used to paint with lots of blues. i also started out working really big, this piece is 3ft x 4ft on canvas! (note to self: might just be time to return to the big pieces again... )

this is also the first painting that i ever sold, in my first show, way back in 2000... seems like ages ago!

the quote is from mary ann radmacher (i wrote her name on the painting), and i think i had a journal with this written on the cover at the time, so i decided it was the perfect way to describe my journey into becoming an artist. the words still ring so true to me today.

the man who bought it gave it as a surprise to his wife who had just quit her job to start her own business. i liked that.

so amazing to take a look back at piece today, just as my first book is releasing to the world! wow. a dream indeed!

thanks for all of your sweet comments from yesterday... i'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends and readers!

happy weekend to you xo *s


  1. got your book in the mail today! can't wait to read it cover to cover. I already have the urge to paint :)

  2. Hi, Sarah! :) This is such an inspiring post. Love seeing your first painting and reading about your journey as an artist. Can't wait to read your book. Amazon says I should be receiving it today!! What a treat for this windy, rainy spring Saturday.

  3. I just spent the last couple of hours with your book in hand, a gesso board, paints & art "toys" and Pablo Neruda's Ode to Common Things ... perfection Sarah! I keep dipping back into your book ... now I know why I was drawn to your work and loved the process you shared at Squam ... one I return to ... but enriched by what you share in your book. Honestly, I would love a week long workshop exploring and creating with you ... THAT is my new dream :) (And my girl and Ada would make wonderful art of their own!)

    I am so SO grateful for your inspiration and your generosity. And I love seeing something from your Blue period ... I laughed outloud when I read that in your book ... my girl has notebooks of blue pieces, as do i.

    enjoy all of this Sarah, you deserve it!

    xo Lis

  4. when i look at this painting, a joni mitchell song comes to my mind. i love your book. can't wait to explore the pages.

  5. Sarah,
    Just had to say that I LOVE your book. It has me excited and inspired to get busy creating...

  6. Hi Sarah,

    I finally got your book yesterday!!! (according to a tracking info - the book spent three days in Winnipeg MB, due to weather or natural disaster).

    I love it to pieces!

    We use the same sketchbooks and similar inspirations but I totally lack consistency and an established technique.

    This book is a shiny gem in my vast collection, a visual and resourceful treat, and a great inspiration :)

    I hope that you don't panic anymore but that you enjoy instead!!! You definitely "should" be proud


  7. You are wonderful my friend! I just love love love love you. The book is brilliant. I am so honored I was able to work with you to capture visually what goes on it that beautiful head and space of yours. xoxoxoxox

  8. the picture of your baby smiling at your book is just too cute!

  9. Sara, I love your work and am looking forward to getting your book that I have ordered. After seeing the "first painting" I realized I saw your work hanging in
    ArtBeat (I think that was the name) in Arlington over ten years ago. I even got the postcard of this painting and it inspired me so very much. Thanks for sharing your creative energy. I am a fan.


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