Friday, May 11, 2012

happy friday

cheery cherry

it’s been a busy week ‘round here. 

right now i have a “no napper” on the edge of collapse, a to do list with too many to do’s that never were done, and a kitchen that’s not looking so pretty.  my goal for the weekend is to forget about those things and enjoy some time off for mother’s day.  my treats- out to breakfast, an overdue haircut and a trip to the twist fair as a shopper!  wahoo. i’d like to add naps (for her) & some quiet time (for me) to that weekend list as well.  

i’ll be back on monday with my giveaway winner(s)!  

happy weekend
happy mother’s day
to all the moms out there

it’s the best/hardest job in the world


  1. I agree! Being a mom - best but hardest job. I wish little ones realized how wonderful naps are! But they don't want to miss anything. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day!

  2. you too, jodi!

    thanks for popping in to say hello!

  3. Happy mother's day, Sarah! Alexander brought me a pretty potted dahlia this morning and it reminded me of your lovely wedding - a bright, peaceful morning making flower arrangements of dahlias and wildflowers still wet with dew :) I miss you! Enjoy this special day.

    1. oh rebecca! so nice to hear from you today... miss you lots and i’ll get in touch soon xo xox!

  4. Hope you're enjoying the day! I signed up for your workshop today. :-) Now I'm adding things to a special pages + paint wish list at blick so I can keep track of what I'll need. Fun all around!!!

  5. thanks for the happy mother’s day wishes!


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