Thursday, March 7, 2013

another peek

over the weekend ada had a sleepover at grammy & grampa’s (wahoo!) so my husband and i had a long overdue date night. indian food out followed by chocolate pot de creme & creme brulee at one of our favorite spots. we picked her up in the morning and went to her soon-to-be nursery school for a little open house. i’m pretty excited for her, i have to say, since she pretends she’s going to school all the time, but the idea of the real deal completely spooked her (did you hear the “i’m not going in protests)?!  so we pretended that we were “just dropping something off” as she didn’t want any part of it.

luckily, as we predicted, she warmed right up once she found the rocket ship and space helmet.  she wore it the entire time, even when she was playing at the rice table.  i think she’ll be just fine come fall.  

sugar shack season! Ada mostly ate pickles !

on sunday, we all got up early, met some friends, and headed into the hills! our destination? a sugar shack!  'tis the season here in new england!  march means maple sugar and carbo-loading!  we had the best time, delicious food, happy, cooperative kiddos all in an adorable little sugar house.  that’s the smoke from the boiling sap...  fun to watch it all happen and then eat it drizzled over everything.  ada ate two plates of pickles and one piece of french toast.  i had one pancake, one waffle, one corn fritter and 3 sausages.  seriously.  kind of very hungry caterpillar sounding, don’t you think! :)

monday and tuesday we did our mama and ada thing.  that mostly involved a lot of strollering around town and sharing a hot chocolate after we finished the errands.  a treat for both of us. well, except for the part when she spit out A LOT of hot chocolate ALL OVER everything because it was "too hot".  *sigh*  (for the record, it was not) 

the other night i went to my third ever zumba class to work off that breakfast.  SO fun!  i just may be hooked.  i know, i know, i’m WAY behind on this whole zumba train, but better late than never!  dont’ even get me started on the fact that i don’t have brightly colored sneakers, i totally missed the memo on this. i need to rectify this situation, but as my sister can attest to, i may have had a slight sensory overload/mini breakdown in the giant shoe store (DSW) when i tried to buy sneakers last month... so many choices, so many colors, such loud music, and the lights were too bright. ugh, i gave up. lordy, apparently i need to get out more.  (or i’m just a wimp when it comes to shoe buying)!

i’ll fill you in on my work stuff tomorrow!  AND an announcement is coming too, so be sure to pop in!  

i’m glad you like the peeks into my real world behind the scenes stuff!  just telling it like it is.  hope all is well in your behind the scenes world too!  
xo *s 
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  1. Thanks for sharing. It is such a pleasure to begin the day reading about your daily adventures as well as finding out abut your art!

  2. Oh, I miss going to the hills for a good pancake breakfast! the air is so wet in there, the paper plates are soggy, but it is heaven! I haven't been in ages!

  3. Oh, enjoy your daughter being little as long as possible! It goes by to fast! My little man starts high school next year. But now I can start concentrating on my art full time.He now paints beside me in the studio.
    I really enjoyed your book and bought the Somerset Studio issue Jan/Feb you were in. Loved the cover!

  4. Buy white shoes and paint your own! Love your style.


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