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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a challenge

my goal for may- do something inspiring/creative and share it here and in my blog. come join me! #everydayinmay

that's the goal! do something creative/inspiring every day in may. i always feel like a good little push will help me though some of those days when i feel like there’s “just not enough time” between being a good mama, wife, friend, exerciser, housecleaner, showerer, (seriously) you know, all that STUFF of LIFE that can come before the oh so important creative ME time.  or YOU time.  so that’s my challenge to myself, to squeeze in at least a little bit here or there EVERY DAY IN MAY and blog (and intstagram) about it. gulp.  it’s happening... you in? wanna join me? #everydayinmay on instagram or link here in the comments.

for me, this means doing something fun/exciting/playful in my studio that has nothing to do with any “real” work deadlines...  seems so simple, yet these days i find myself “just painting to paint” less and less, so i’m trying to find my way back and make it a part of my everyday. it’s OH so important and i’d like to make it a regular part of my studio time again. 

here’s a little snapshot or two from my creative time today. there wasn’t much as i’m on some tight and stressful deadlines, but i did manage to steal away a bit this afternoon.  i used my sketchbook to work on and record some new ideas for paintings. 

day one. doodling some ideas for a future painting or two.  #everydayinmay more info on my blog.

studio day... so thankful for quiet & new creative ideas this morning.

i also played around a bit on my giant chalk/idea/inspiration board.  it helps me sort out how/what i see in my mind, like a BIG sketchbook, it’s one of the best tools i have.


  1. Great! What a fantastic idea! I'll try to follow your example... Let's have some FUN!

  2. I'm in too! Sounds like fun. :)

  3. Love the idea. Does swirling cream in your coffee count?

  4. yay! i’m so happy that you are joining in!
    and yes, i’ll say swirling cream in your coffee most certainly counts :)

  5. I'm in! Love the challenge of playing more in my journal and staying connected to my creative community.

  6. I'm in! We got a beautiful chocolate in march. She has been like having an infant...minus the diaper. I forgot how hard having a puppy is! I promise, this is my last one...yeah, right:) anyway, I've missed my studio, but am finding my way back in and actually listed a couple of things in my shop!
    I'm no different than anyone else...there are ALWAYS obstacles in life!
    Here's to may in the studios!
    Great challenge:)

  7. Ha! Don't dare try to make a correction on blogger on an iPad or it will spank you...what I wrote was goldendoodle...thought it a terrible tease to not come back and say what chocolate thing...we got:)
    Sorry for the blooper!!!

  8. Oh I wished I had seen this a few days ago! Sometimes I need a good challenge to get things going- and spring has so many demands- feeling the long awaited sun on my skin, getting the garden in, the end of school stuff, starting to exercise again(ugh), its easy to miss a day and then two and then whoops! I am just moving back to my studio after an unexpectedly long building rehab, but thankfully am brimming with ideas and just have to get through the door!


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