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  1. Hello Sarah, I recently completed an online workshop by Amy Tangerine over at Two Peas in a Bucket. During one of Amy's video tutorials she recommended your book as inspiring. I bought a copy of Painting pages from Amazon and am savouring a chapter each evening, I have even ordered some pastels too. I am looking forward to getting a place on your next online workshop. Thank you for making this venture into art less daunting. Helen, Cumbria, England.....:)

  2. hi helen!
    thanks so much for saying hello! i’m so happy to hear you love painted pages! :) thanks so much and happy creating! xo *s

  3. Sarah,
    I recently discovered your work and am a huge fan! I love Painted Pages and was so excited when I came to your website and saw that you offer an online workshop :-) But, I see that it is already full :-(
    I am signed up for your mailing list and am wondering if you will have any other workshops in the near future? Jill in WI


thanks so much for saying hello! i do my best to reply to comments, please know i read and appreciate each and every one! xo *s