workshop FAQ

APRIL 2016 online workshop!

painted pages and color pattern paint - my two popular online workshops rolled into an amazing & and updated self-paced class! no need to feel that you have to "keep up"or stay on a certain schedule- you'll be able to go along at your own pace and relax! you'll have a full 6 months to explore the content and create! you've been asking for this, & i'm thrilled to be able to finally offer it!
i'm so proud of this new "combo" class! it takes you from the basics of setting up a successful studio space to painting BIG, beautiful paintings! i cannot wait to have you a part of it all!
{painted pages workshop & color pattern paint} is for ­anyone who is curious and creative, whether you are just starting out, or already a seasoned artist.  no matter where you are on your creative path,  this will be a fulfilling and inspiring experience! if you are willing to make some messes, have fun, playfully explore, and learn some new techniques from your own artwork, then come along for the ride!  
Through more than a dozen high-quality instructional videos, hundreds of gorgeous photographs, 10 weeks of supportive daily blog posts, and my encouragement, you’ll become a part of this special online creative community.

Wanna know the BEST PART? Just before the class starts, I’ll mail you your very own inspiring CLASS KIT to be used for the duration of the course. Inside your kit, you’ll find envelopes brimming with found papers, vintage collage materials, idea prompts, handwritten instructions, and other fun surprises to jumpstart your creative process and accompany you through the weekly lessons.

When you sign-up, you'll get: 
  • 10 full weeks of lessons + BONUS material
  • a dozen instructional HD videos (watch me paint!)
  • the super duper DOUBLE sized CLASS KIT!
  • exciting NEW content that i'll be adding in throughout the course of the class
  • +ME! i'll be checking-in with you and cheering you on behind the scenes!

  • A peek into my home studio and life as a artist. 
  • The amazing and inspiring "class kit” filled with collage materials, creative prompts, handwritten instructions, and lots of inspiration to lead you though each week. Mailed right to your door before the class starts! 
  • Paint-stained hands and collage-filled sketchbooks.
  • A jumpstart or nudge to help you begin, or continue on your creative path.
  • Creative ideas and inspiration
  • A community of like-minded artists to connect with.
  • Encouragement to continue your own artwork once the class ends.


  • How to set up your creative space to make it work for you and your lifestyle.
  • Important and easy ways to incorporate art in your everyday life.
  • New ways of working in your sketchbook.
  • Insight into how I combine acrylic paint and collage to create mixed media paintings.
  • Fun mixed media techniques like image transfer (and more!)
  • Techniques to avoid and get out of creative ruts.
  • Tips on how to get over the fear of the “scary” blank canvas, both BIG and small. 
  • How to take an idea from your sketchbook and turn it into a larger, finished mixed media painting.
  • How to "build" your paintings with  layers of color & pattern.
  • Composition insights
  • Subject matter ideas for working on a large scale.   
  • My tried and true favorite techniques/tips/tricks for you to use in your own creative process and painting practice!  


  • there will also be an opportunity to have some ONE-ON-ONE feedback from me
  • this summer i'll offer a "kids' kit" if you want to invite your children to paint along with you! ages 4+ recommended 

Here's a little peek into the class content~  

WEEK ONE - Setting up/organizing your creative workspace + gathering materials and inspiration + my studio tour. 
WEEK TWO - Focus will be on sketchbooks with peeks into my own page spread + sketchbook activities, instruction and prompts. 
WEEK THREE - It’s time to play + paint!  you'll dive right into painting with a fun game to get over the fear of the“scary” blank canvas!

WEEK FOUR - You'll build upon what we’ve learned so far and I'll share with you a BIG painting from start to finish that i made just for the class, AND, you’ll be ready to start to paint BIG too!  
WEEK FIVE -This is the start of the {color pattern paint} content. This week you'll explore and focus on COLOR in preparation for at least one large scale painting. 
WEEK SIX -PATTERN week! learn to work with and incorporate pattern in your paintings.  
WEEK EIGHT - Learn how to add in those final details and finishing touches.
WEEK NINE -Continue to work on your paintings with my support.
WEEK TEN - We'll recap and wrap up EVERYTHING so that'll you'll feel ready to continue on your own! 
PLUS! there will be lots of supporting BONUS MATERIAL too!

+ I’ve designed this course to work alongside my book Painted Pages: Fueling Creativity with Sketchbooks and Mixed Media. I’m so happy that this class is bringing to life what i started in my book. You may think of my book as a supplemental “workbook”, it’s certainly not necessary, but I know it will enhance your class experience. 
Below you'll find the original video trailers for both of my classes. These will give you peek behind the scenes and give you sense for the classes. 

This NEW class is an updated COMBINATION of BOTH classes and will run APRIL 1 - OCTOBER 1, 2016!

painted pages workshop from Sarah Ahearn Bellemare on Vimeo.

I am SO thrilled to introduce this course to you, it’s really a dream come true!