Tuesday, April 8, 2008

on the verge...

of being finally being spring here. we just returned from a lovely weekend in Washington, DC  (or in "our nations capital" as my dad likes to refer to it)  where the spring was in full bloom. yes, those cherry blossoms were too!  it's hard returning to Ithaca and feeling like we are going back in time. We were there for a fun wedding where we got to catch up with pals who have left ithaca and the land of graduate school and are now out in the "real world".  soon enough we hope to join them!  
I still owe a post about my last "vacation" to western mass... but there are some pics from that trip on flickr in my winter set.  I will put up some DC photos too.  
These past few weeks have been about business business... not as much painting getting done as I would like as I am writing grants, applying for residencies and starting a powerpoint artist talk that I need to give a few weeks.  YIKES.  
the good news is that all of this is getting easier and easier.... I am putting more up on ETSY this week too now that I have had my first couple of sales!  Stay tuned for some originals soon and more prints too. 
*we weren't on the verge of jumping into that muddy brook although it looks like it!  we were on a quick hike looking for spring wood frogs.  none yet, but we did see a turtle walking along the ice on the pond.  he seemed anxious for spring too!

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