Thursday, July 24, 2008

blur of summer

summer flying by.  originally uploaded by sarah ahearn.

is it me or is summer flying by?! i thought this was the perfect way to illustrate how i have been feeling since vacation! since we have gotten back home it's been a blur of too much to do and too little time, and that nice relaxed vacation vibe has been tossed out the window and is off flying in the breeze. oh how i want to return to the island where this photo was taken! but home and life and work are now taking over...

so i take this time to stop and smell the blue hydrangeas, orange lilies and pink beach roses from the island.

i must get off to work- the studio is calling...i will show you what i am off to accomplish. a few projects are in the works and must be finished up today!

hope time is going more slowly for you....


  1. Hi Sarah, I see you are in Ithaca. I plan to visit my niece at Ithaca College this fall and would welcome any suggestions of art museums/galleries to visit in the area! Is your work on display in any of the local galleries or shops?

  2. Yes, it is going fast, the back to school stuff is already coming out! Your art is great, and I look forward to seeing your things in the CPS magazine..

  3. the summer is going by way to fast, you are so right sarah! i wish it would slow down...
    curious about your new projects :)


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