Tuesday, July 22, 2008

voice of the sea

voice of the sea, originally uploaded by sarah ahearn.
acrylic/mixed media collage. sold.  (c) sarah ahearn. 2008.

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this painting reads: 

the child holds a shell to his ear and hears the roaring of the sea.  do not yet tell him that the sound he hears is only the echo of rushing blood in his own head. in a higher sense, the child is right.  to him, it speaks of the sea, its home.  it brings the inland child a message from the vast ocean, the distant, the mysterious.  it widens his narrow horizon; it takes him to the shore whose waters wash all other shores.  he is no longer isolated, but put in touch with all the world.  and this typifies the broad principle that one fact considered in all its relations involves the whole universe.  

{ from a found zoology text.  1903. }

*  *  *  

i just couldn't believe i found this quote~ it just accidentally appeared to me after this piece was "finished", i had to include it.  it's a perfect fit and it's hard for me to read without tearing up a bit... 

i had the best birthday yesterday, it was just lovely.  

thanks for all of the wishes and treats.  *s

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  1. glad to hear that you had a great birthday sarah! very nice painting with a special story.


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