Monday, July 21, 2008

a special day!!! & 3 things

*birthday cupcakes that i made for you stephanie!!! x.o. 

YAY!!  today is my birthday!!!  It's another reason that I just love july!!! 
today is even more special because it is also it the lovely and talented stephanie's birthday!!
stephanie emailed me a while back when she noticed (via etsy) that we had the same birthday~ she had the fantastic idea to wish each other happy birthdays on our blogs!!! 
*  *   * Happy Birthday to the lovely, kind and talented Stephanie Levy!!  

{I wonder what she has said in her birthday girl post...}

*  *   *  

*3 special things i wanted to mention today!

1}  Poppytalk Handmade is featured on DAILY CANDY today!! wow!! check it out!

2}  a few weeks ago i mentioned that i was going to be interviewed for a magazine soon.  well, the interview went well, the artwork has been shipped off and the magazine(s) will be coming out this fall!!  
and drumroll.... for those of you who were asking - it's CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS magazine!  
(i am still leaving out a tiny bit of a surprise... but you'll see this fall)

3}  I will be participating in a new and exciting art fair this fall back home in massachusetts.  It's called the TWIST FAIR and I am so happy to be a part of it!  It's being run by some great folks from Northampton and one of the many great sponsors of the fair is ETSY.  I have lots to get working on!  

So that's the news from me today~  I am having a perfect day so far... treats and sweet presents and friends to visit with.  Later today you will find me doing more of this!  then off to dinner with friends and my dear pal is making me a birthday cake.    I hope you are having a lovely day, thanks for visiting me here!  xo,  *s

ps:  i am 31 years old today.  not as big as last year but still fun for sure!


  1. happy [belated] birthday sarah! you really should celebrate it for at LEAST a whole week! ;)


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