Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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i just wanted to stop in briefly to report that the twist fair was so fantastic!  i can't wait to return for the next one... here is a picture of me at my table... taken by alison tauber. (thanks alison!) i acquired one of her beautiful shirts at the fair and i have to admit that i have now officially worn it three days in a row.  that may sound bad, but i just wanted you to understand how much i love it.  (oh i do)  i need another one soon.
i loved meeting you all at the fair!  you know who you are... other vendors, old and new customers and especially those friends who i haven't seen since moving to ithaca.... it was so fun.  thanks so much!!  lexie and michael really went above and beyond... a million thanks.
i am now getting ready to head up to squam on saturday... a bit more work to get done before the art fair, but i am very excited.  
it's been nice to have a few days off... we've been bopping around western massachusetts with amazing weather. yesterday we headed off for a day in providence, ri.  it was my first time there, and i really loved it, although i have blisters today after spending the day exploring the city's cobblestone streets on foot.  (and in the rain...)
i am uploading lots of new pictures to share... will be back tomorrow!  *s

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  1. you are so cute!
    I really like your work, wish you would come to a show in DeNvEr.


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