Thursday, September 4, 2008

the moon is 76% of full

(c) sarah ahearn. 2008.
The moon is 76% of full.  8x8" on board.  
* * *
here is a little sneak peek of what i have been up to.
I am off to Massachusetts today to participate in the twist fair which begins tomorrow! I am also looking forward to being back because my sister is visiting from Colorado! She'll be helping with me with twist which will be great. *phew.* It's always so much easier to have an assistant at these shows.
This is one of 14 new pieces that I have been working on to bring to my upcoming shows along with new prints, pins and magnets!  Stay tuned to see more throughout the next week...
After twist, I am heading up to squam!
*I am so happy you loved the "let's dance" video below, it was a fun little bit that really seems to make me smile!
LOtS more fun and ExCitinG news to follow....
more soon, *s


  1. i really love this piece...the color, energy and subject matter are magic together! i wish you great weather and many sales at your upcoming shows...beth

  2. i like seeing how busy you are with so many exciting shows. i find it encouraging when artists are doing well, don't you? i too with you many successes at twist & squam!

  3. Your work is really wonderful. The colors you use are really lovely.


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