Tuesday, December 9, 2008

little snippets of goodness.

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HOLIDAY shopping announcement~
i love stocking stuffers!  my favorite part of christmas morning was going through the stockings... my mom made our stockings when we were little babies, so she made them big enough to fit diapers!  so yes, i love my stocking.  one of the best things on christmas morning was finding the orange that is always in the toe of the stocking, a special tradition.

I guess I am finally getting into the holiday spirit, thanks to this, (!) so i decided to have a little holiday treat in my shop for you and here they are!  
these little stocking stuffers are my new favorite items... little magnets with my paintings!  i will be adding these little bits goodness, "art for you fridge",  just in time for the holidays. they will be in the shop tomorrow for 1 week only!   I will post them tomorrow, they will be up Wednesday the 10th~ Wednesday the 17th so there will be time for you to receive them to stuff them your stockings perhaps.  {see magnets bigger here and I have more images coming too!}  
*in addition to the magnets, I will be running a special for the week as well:  
Buy 3 prints and get a FREE SURPRISE GIFT with your purchase... I don't want to give the surprise away of course, but it is a new little treat that I have made...  and yes, it could fit into a stocking as well.    fun fun fun. 
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but wait! there's more:  this has nothing to do anything i just said, but it certainly falls into the category of "little snippets of goodness" so i had to share!   
this is so adorable. (say that with a french accent in your head)  
{found via made by hank i think}
*stay warm & a bientot!~  xo, *s
(sorry! i had the wrong date for this post earlier... )  oops. today is tuesday.  

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