Friday, December 5, 2008

artstream & more

robin in a ring
* * *

upcoming show...
* * *

wish i could be here tonight as it's the opening
of the group show in which i have 10 brand new 
pieces.  the newest are always my favorites.  
if you are in New England you should go see the show~
it is up through January and looks so fantastic!  
i am so excited to see it in person over the holidays. 
pieces will be available for sale online here.  
* * *
I'll be in ithaca at my other opening tonight~ it's a 
chilly one today, so it will be cozy and fun to be inside 
with friends.   more soon.  happy weekend to you!
{i can't wait to relax a bit... you too?!}    xo,  *s


  1. just discovered your work and it is beautiful and inspiring. I love the Corgis in London. I loved to see Boston Terriers in London too! I went to Ithaca College in the late 80's and I miss the town of Ithaca...if it didn't have so much snow I would move back. Looking forward to enjoying more of your art.

  2. Hi Sarah!

    This is Amy from MARK Buffalo... how are you? Just wanted to say hi.

  3. all of your new pieces look amazing and i wish you the best of luck....the tomatoes on the frame gallery are awesome (and making my mouth water as snow falls!).


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