Wednesday, December 3, 2008

second storie} fabulous! & special P.S.!!!

sarah ahearn, originally uploaded by freshlyblended.

here is a little shot of my table from second storie} indie market this past weekend. (this photo was taken by nicole of freshly blended)
it was such a fun and lovely weekend spent there chatting and visiting with some wonderfully talented and kind new friends! it was a treat to be included! congratulations to the super second storie} gals on a successful and inspiring event!   
i have to say one of the best parts of the weekend was trading with the other artists! i am now decked out with new jewelry from here, new cards from here, a beautiful set of knitted goodies from here, a present for my mom from here and a lovely addition to my calendar from here.
all in all it was just perfect....
*and no i haven't forgotten that i need to announce the winner(s) of the giveaway!!!! be back soon.... *s

*check out poppytalk today to see one of my photos!  thanks jan!  a nice surprise! 

*** PS: 

i'm back with the winner(s)!!!

i'll confess that i didn't use one of those fancy chooser programs or put all the names in a hat and pull one out.  i didn't do all the fancy things that i've seen on other blogs with giveaways... 

i simply sat down with my coffee this morning (after yoga, so i was feeling quite zen like... ) and read through all of your *wonderful* comments and waited for one to move me.  sounds silly perhaps, but i knew that when I read them all, one would stand out.... and the one that did was the comment from danielle marie!  it was so sweet and kind of magical.... (not to mention my grandmother calls me "flutterbug" so it was the fluttering that got me... )  Congratulations to Danielle Marie!  {danielle- send me an email with your address!}

I couldn't choose just one in the end, so I have also chosen two "runners up" who will receive a little treat as well.  courntney p & stephanie alaine please email me your addresses and congratulations!  

Thanks so much to you all, i am thankful for such wonderful readers and friends!  This was so fun, I will be sure to do it again....   


  1. Oh my!! I am so delighted to see my name ( I hope it is me!) and to me it is just the same to be a runner up. I am so happy it has just made my day! I have a problem... my computer will not let me e-mail from your blog so I am sending you an etsy convo ( I hope that is o.k. ). Yaaaaah!

  2. hi sarah,
    what an amazing experience second storie looks like....there really was an amazing amount of beauty at that fair. your set up is really lovely. congrats to the winners of you contest!

  3. thanks so much sarah! we're happy you had such a great weekend. it was a joy to meet you and see your art in person!

  4. I'm so happy that we got to meet at second storie! I love my print and have already framed it - it's going in my office. Let me know if you're ever up in Rochester again and want to grab lunch!


  5. a flutterbug, too! dear sarah, thank you for choosing me! (apologies ahead of time for delay & typos... I am typing this clandestinely, from a tiny phone) I am full of GRATITUDE and smiles!
    Alas, i cannot figure out how to email you from here, but I will send you a convo thru etsy soon-- once I get back to my cpu tomorrow ....
    Namaste :)


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