Tuesday, January 20, 2009


ahhh... i am finally settling in and feeling "less homeless" as we have been inbetween places to live for the past couple of weeks...  things are getting a bit back to normal.  i'll share photos soon of where i have landed, (promise!!!) but for now just some wonderfully exciting news to share with you.  
fresh starts begin today... 

i first wanted to officially announce that i will be teaching at SQUAM ART WORKSHOPS this fall! what a thrill~ i got a taste of it this past september as you may remember, and fell in love...  i am so very excited and honored to be a part of this magical gathering.  SEE ALL SQUAM HAS TO OFFER HERE.   see what i will be teaching here~  i am over. the. moon.  

* * *
i also wanted to mention that my new collaboration called two days in july begins tomorrow on 1.21.09.  please be sure to stop by to see what we are up to!  
***LOOK what happened today!!!!   what a treat!  

* * *
& what a glorious day it is today!  1.20.09!  i watched with tears in my eyes.... so proud and hopeful.  hello mr. president obama.  

more soon, xo *s

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  1. hi sarah,

    my name is stacy and i will be taking your class at squam. i am a newbie to squam and am very excited and look forward to meeting and creating with you.



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