Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hearts in winter {& etsy SALE!}

33 Hearts

it may be warm where you are, but up here in the hills of western massachusetts it's still so wintery! i'm trying to embrace the chill & remember that spring will be here soon enough...(although that's a bit easier said then done!)
SO! along came the idea of a MID WINTER SUPER SALE over in my etsy shop! I'm looking forward making room for LOTS more images which will be on their way soon. I hope you'll pop on over to see what's on SALE!
in other news I spent the morning doing a photo shoot of originals... they too will be making their way into the shop this week! yay!
* * *
is it still winter where you are too or are you basking in the warmth of the sun instead of a wood stove?!
more soon,
xo, *s
* * *
ps: speaking of love.... did you see this? 


  1. High 50's and warm for now.... but winter is not over! Love the hearts.

  2. In New Zealand we are in the middle of summer still, with a weird heat wave hopefully coming to an end!!!

    A mid winter sale is a good idea.


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