Monday, February 2, 2009

my new backyard

my new backyard, originally uploaded by sarah ahearn.

well, this is my new backyard. i wish it looked just like this now, but just imagine this same view covered in LOTS of bright white snow and sparkling ice... I haven't made it out to snap more winter shots as we've been inside by the wood stove. (and because last time i went out i was greeted by a coyote! new life in the country!)
i've been tucked inside, painting up a storm... getting work out for various projects.
coming up is a little break where i'll be catching up on updating etsy with lots of new ORIGINALS!! finally. i'll also be having a BIG SALE as i have to make room for new prints... in with the new & out with the old. although it's more like a little freshening up around the shop. can't wait.

TODAY is a big day though~ it's the opening of registration for SQUAM ART WORKSHOPS!!! 

I am so excited to imagine my time there... i so hope to meet you there or have the pleasure of sharing some of my fun little techniques with you in my class. still have to pinch's going to be AMAZING. head on over and sign up if you can! {so thrilled to hear that some of you already have! : ) }

more soon~ we're off for one final trip to make the last move of my studio... we hope to get ahead of the snowstorm!
hope all is well and happy monday to you! xo, *s


  1. Hey Sarah! That would be me! and my Mom is taking the class another day too.
    Look forward to meeting you!


  2. I just mailed my reg. off this afternoon! I forget which day I signed up for your class--will be fun!

    What a beautiful view!!

  3. What a lovely view... I am sure it will be just as beautiful covered in snow too. We are having a hot spell here in New Zealand so snow sounds lovely.

    I so wish I could be part of squam but I am just too far away. It is hard reading all the blogs about the wonderful workshops that are happening and not being able to be a involved.

    Can't wait to see the new works.

  4. me, me, me too! i sent off the papers & will hopefully be in your saturday class. fun, fun to learn something new & just get away to an all-art immersion . . . wheeee! (kind of scary though, I know NO ONE . . . eek)
    nice backyard! i hope there is a barn studio there, too? ;o)

  5. i signed up for your class on saturday and am looking forward to meeting you! here we are in the midst of a snowstorm...sept. seems so far away!

  6. Hi Sarah!
    You're booth was next to mine at Squam last year and I just love your stuff. I knew it before I met you because it is so great! Anyway, I put your class as first choice on Sat for SAW. I am so excited and sent it right away so with any luck I will get to take a class with you. I am really looking forward to it. Hard to believe summer will be ending then, when it seems so far away right now.
    This view looks great. Post more pics soon!


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