Friday, February 20, 2009

new space

setting up...

as promised, a shot of the new space. i miss my orange wall, but brought in one with this homemade bulletin board.
it's still a work in progress, but i always have to surround myself with my favorite things when i set up a new studio space.  {see the favorite things set up here differently.}
i meant to post this yesterday, but i got sidetracked with this, which was a fun adventure in the snow. (who would have known that tracking coyotes + dancing turkeys could be so much fun?!)
super happy to see this today too! thanks to brittni of papernstitch!
happy friday to you, i hope you have something relaxing planned for the weekend~ don't forget that twodaysinjuly will be posting on saturday and sunday this month.

it's been nice posting more than usual lately, 
i'm going to keep it up.  thanks for being here. 
i'll be back soon, 
xo, *s
ps:  remember how i said i needed yellow?  look what heather has done...  it's just perfect!

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