Wednesday, February 18, 2009


{month 2. february}

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it's snowing here in the hills of western massachusetts.
just when i thought spring was on its way...
so we're tucked in with a homemade vegetable barely soup next to
the toasty wood stove.
this is one of my new favorite recipes~ try it, it's delicious (+ nutritious). 
{here's one for you shanna!}
i just love what's expressed here... really resonated with me, it's where i am too...
{thank you dear kelly rae, you've said it just right.}
more tomorrow, studio shots perhaps... *s

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  1. thanks for the recipe and the link to kr's's very timely. my family of five will be relocating this summer and with all the worry over the kids(schools, friends, etc...) i'm realizing that i too will be starting over.....


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