Friday, February 27, 2009

ode to the shortest month + a burst of color

hello~  it's friday already!?   
where has this week gone?  it just flew right by for me...  
i began this last week cranky, frustrated and tired.  i'm still working on 
my routine (art & life routine, not a dance routine...)  and finding my groove in 
my newish surroundings... 

i found myself feeling better by midweek, as some very good news came our way. (more about that next week!) 
i wanted to share some of these fun little things i came across this week,  they really helped to brighten my end of february mood: 
*an interview here made me even more excited about squam
*we had, hands down, the best meal ever here on a celebratory evening. 
*this brilliant woman is offering an online class that i am planning to be a part of
*this is back in a new & sweet way, i find myself looking forward to fridays
*and a friend of mine bought me this as a special little treat!  (don't you love the photo of it here? can't wait to put mine to use too.)

so this is the ebb and flow of my life lately, i do have to say that i am happy that this silly little month is almost over and that spring is really on it's way.  (it is right?!)
what are you doing to brighten your days?  i'd love to hear from you as always! 
more soon and happy weekend!
xo, *s

ps: {i decided to make a little collage of what i like about february to help me get through the last few days... oh feburary, you are not so bad afterall. see it here.}


  1. i agree...the week has flown by! hope and olive looks amazing (celevration dinners are the best...) Since I'll be relocating soon I'm watching, listening and learning....thanks.


  2. I found your blog a few weeks ago and its very inspiring, i cant wait to read more!

    Aqeela xx

  3. we are heading into autumn in my world and I love it...

    I hope march is a little more settling for you...


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