Thursday, March 5, 2009

the aligning of stars (a long post)

the alignment of stars.
***photo from one of our adventures.  washington, dc.  april 2008.  see bigger on flickr.  (c) sarah ahearn. 2008. 
i thought i might title this post "no mom, i'm not pregnant", but decided against it.  you see, my silly mother thought (or hoped?)  that since i mentioned in my last post that we had some good news come our way... well, she was just so sure that "everyone" was going to think that i am "with child".  can't anyone have any other sort of good news when you are 31?  apparently not.  hmmm.  can you tell this is a bit of a touchy subject for me!?  the time will come for that announcement someday, but for now we are just focusing on life and careers sans les babies and i am quite happy with that.  (just give me my own dog and all will be well with the world.) 

so about that good news~  my darling husband, who has been a graduate student for almost 10 years, officially heard last week that he had landed his dream job.  starting in july, he'll be a full- time biology professor here. we're still pinching ourselves as it really is quite amazing.  you see, if you've been the wife of a grad student/academic you may really know how huge it is for your husband/spouse to get a job period, especially now in this economy.  so many folks, once they have graduated with PhDs end up with postdocs (post school, pre job positions) that last for a few years and then it's time to move on.  we knew all along that this could be the route we might have to take, but for me, being the spouse, it was harder and harder to imagine as it meant that i had really no control over where i future would be going.  so to think that we know what the next phase of our life will bring is pretty great in itself.  it's been a very long time since we've been able to say we know what's around the corner.

a professor friend of ours proclaimed to me the other day~ "do you know how many stars had to align for this to happen?!"  
it's just pretty amazing, the stars have certainly aligned for us.  not only is it his dream job, but it is exactly where we wanted to settle down but never thought that we actually could.  we'll be living, come summer, in my favorite town hands down. we're within a 1/2 hour or so from both of our families as well.  even as i type it's still quite unbelievable.  it means we won't have to move away (again) and that we can finally relax and have a place to truly call home.  oh, and just to clarify for those who may be thinking, didn't they already move back that way?  why yes we did, it's kind of a long story, but we have moved back to western massachusetts and are housesitting (aka: living rent free) through this spring.  we took a big leap of faith, as we moved back this winter NOT knowing that we would be able to stay in the area, NOT knowing if he got the job and NOT knowing what the heck we were going to do next.  so yes, the stars have aligned for sure and we are very, very lucky.  

so that's where i've been for pretty much the past 6 months or so, in limbo, not knowing.  the knowing feels so much better!  it, the knowing,  is finally allowing me to focus on my work more fully.  for now, it's nice to know that i can just focus on my career with art and teaching, without having to do things like wait tables!  hurrah!  

wow, that was a lot of spilling open, thanks for listening!  

i thought a new blog header was in order here,  i must be getting a jump on spring cleaning or something... i've made a new etsy header too, working on some ads for various blogs, adding more and more to the sale (!) and doing my taxes. feeling organized and thanking those stars.  

happy weekend, i'll be back to more regular posting to show new work next week! 
xo, *s

*oh! and if you are an artist/blogger in the area please say hello!  i'd love to connect!  


  1. Congrats to you and your hubby!

  2. a huge congratulations to you and your hubby....sometimes things work out just the way they should. northhamptom looks like a sweet little (welcoming) town and i wish you many new inspirtions and connections in your new home town!


  3. Sarah,
    I saw your shop on PaperNStitch where I have shop too (Studio Fuller) and love, love, love your artwork. I'm enjoying being in the company of artists' work that I admire! Congrats on having a place to call home.It is so important. All the rest will fall into place when it does:)
    Beth (Fuller)

  4. Dear Sarah-

    You have said it all soooo well in your blog. And, congratulations again to you and Jesse. Just where you wanted to be-living in NOHO.

    xoxoxo Liz

  5. oh sarahearn, you and your paper crown are so precious. i am so pleased for you, so lifted and delighted that you feel the roots you and your husband have been longing for. many congratulations to him, and a blessing of spirit and settling as your travel into this next season of life. i can't wait to see what delights you find there!

    also, it always makes me giggle just a little as your process writing, a vulnerable practice for you, it seems. yet, your words are so tender, so perfect and admirable. the reader is refreshed by them. i am refreshed by them. thank you for your constant sharing.

    all the best in your endeavors.
    xoxoxx stephanie alaine

  6. That is wonderful news!!! I am so happy for you, it must be a really good feeling after all the uncertainty. And to be only half an hour away from both or your families is also very precious.

  7. Congrats and hugs! What an awesome feeling this must be for you both. I love hearing stories like this - where everything fits into place perfectly.

  8. Found you through your Etsy site.

    Wow, that is so great how things have fallen into place for you and your husbo! What a blessing to have the dream job, the dream location, AND be close to family! That's a triple-whammy right there! Good for you!

    Love your art, by the way. Really lovely.

  9. Such exciting news! I can only imagine your feelings of relief and happiness : ) Wishing you much joy as you and your husband embark on your new journey. Looking forward to seeing you again at some Noho art fairs!

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  11. yay! yay! this is such good news. i understand what it is to be up-rooted and looking for home. so glad you leapt and landed... and all is aligning! magical. ;o)

    oops, i am apparently having comment problems, d'oh! (sheepish grin)sorry about the duplicate!

  12. Very excited to have you here! Congrats to your husband too. Do you want to have coffee sometime soon?

  13. Yay! I'm just catching up, Sarah. This is wonderful news! After living in Scotland for years to achieve the Ph.D., and then moving 4 times to find that elusive tenure-track position, I totally *get* the significance of this post! I'm so happy for you and your squeeze! And what a brilliant place to end up. Congratulations! xoxo


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