Tuesday, February 17, 2009

thoughts to share

twodays february, originally uploaded by sarah ahearn.

coming soon~ our february posts for twodaysinjuly.
come visit on 2.21 + 2.22. we hope you'll be delighted.

i watched THIS over the weekend, feeling inspired + not alone.

poppytalk's affordable art market started yesterday!  i'm happy to be a part of it with some new work and more on the way...  

i always feel like i need more yellow this time of year... do you?
i've cut and forced some forsythia, can't wait to see it bloom.

working on my new studio routine. since we've moved it's been a little scattered of course, but we're settling into our new daily pattern of waking up early and making sure to have long afternoon walks in the sun. there's really only one way to go~past this and up the dirt road + into the woods, but it's lovely.

it's not easy to pop out for a cup of coffee now that we are living in up in the hills, but this new, quieter routine is growing on me.
our last house was right across the street from the original location of  this. oh how i miss it.

but! did i mention my new studio space is now just across the street? it's really easy + convenient, i'll post some pictures soon.

well, those are my miscellaneous tuesday afternoon thoughts for you.
more soon, inspirations to share.   *s

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  1. lots of goodness here. i too love the TED! so many wonderfully inspiring things to find there, i'll have to watch your link tomorrow.

    i have been feeling so blue that we didn't find a time to visit in ithaca before your move. oh well, until next time, i guess!

    my schedule has calmed into a relatively manageable pace, so i'd love to catch up and swap stories soon!xo


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