Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a homemade life

fruit & tapioca
summertime homemade tapioca. see more of my foodie pics here.

I just received this book in the mail.  it's so good i can barely put it down.  orangette was one of the first blogs that i ever came across and it's so nice to read her delicious words and recipes in a book that i'm sure i'll be referring back to time and time and again.  a homemade life is full of mouth watering recipes alongside heartwarming stories that intertwine her love of food, family and everyday life.  

the book is perfect timing, as i am laid up with bum swollen knee, and i need something to do while i'm icing and keeping it above my high heart.  (not so comfortable and it's so hard for me to sit still) so after lunch, we dug out and dusted off the adirondack chairs so that i could set myself up in the warm march sunshine.  i settled down, next to the newly bloomed snowdrops and my favorite dog, reading molly's book and dreaming of ginger pear cakes and chocolate covered coconut macaroons.  (those are the two recipes i cannot wait to try out!)  a homemade life was the perfect treat for sunny afternoon, & i hope you get a chance to escape with her magical stories sometime soon too.  (minus the ice packs and swollen knee) 

i was inspired to share my own foodie photograph from a past outdoor summer dinner party since i am now dreaming of those today too!  that march sunshine wasn't quite warm enough... 

see you again tomorrow.  
xo, *s

{and thanks so much for the wonderful feedback on this month's twodaysinjuly!}


  1. mmmh...i am looking forward to reading this book, too.

  2. I so loved this book! It came at just the right time for me, too. I tried to ration myself and not finish too fast, but I tore through it.


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