Friday, March 27, 2009

a particular grace.

A Particular Grace

just popping in briefly to say hello, it's late and i'm behind!  i still have lots to share, but it will have to wait until next week when i'll be full of surprises for sure.  
{like an etsy anniversary sale and give-a-way!

unfortunately, these past few days really have had me down for the count with my knee. the upside of being laid up - i'm getting a lot of reading done in the sunshine!  (trying to remain positive as i sit here with frozen peas and a glass of red wine)  

today, i thought i'd share this collage/photo transfer/mixed media painting of my grandmother. {bigger here}
it's called “A Particular Grace”, i typed Webster’s definition of beauty on a vintage map using my 1930s typewriter. by incorporating the text with my transferred, hand-colored image of my grandmother from 1937, (she was the same age in the photograph as I am now), she becomes the ideal described in the definition. memories of time I spent on that very beach saturate much of my work. i made this painting a couple of years ago, and it's one of my all time favorites, luckily it's owned by my sister.  (lucky too because my typewriter doesn't have spell check and i just now discovered and error.  oh well.  c'est la vie!)  
this portrait just spontaneously popped into my head this evening as something to share.  i guess it's because i've been thinking of my gram a lot these past couple of weeks.  my mom and i had a great visit with her recently, but since then, her health has been deteriorating and it's hard to watch.  
you can see another piece with my grandmother from her second grade class photograph in this other favorite of mine here. i'm so lucky to have stacks and stacks of my family's black and white photos that i am constantly turning to for inspiration.  they are just so magical to me.  

i should also mention that i'll be teaching this photo transfer technique in my class at squam!

that's all for now.  enjoy a sunny spring weekend & i'll 
see you on monday when i'll have some fun things in store.  *s  


  1. Hi Sarah-

    Lovely to see this painting again. A favorite of your grandmother on "our beach". So many memories!!!

    So sorry to hear about the knee - take care and feel better soon.

    Anxiously awaiting new work............

    Liz Xoxo


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