Thursday, March 12, 2009

this afternoon.

 i'm back as promised.  

i wanted to be sure to take a moment to tell you about an opportunity not to be missed!  
were you at squam art workshops last year?  
if so, be sure to read on!  (if not, it may entice you to make it up to squam this year for sure!) 
* * *
some lovely ladies have gotten together to make the first annual squam artshow!  it's being held at artstream gallery in new hampshire this september durning squam 2009.  all the details can be found HERE.  be sure to head on over and send in your work!!!  what's that you say?  you are nervous/worried/scared/daunted by the thought of sending your work off to a gallery?  send me an email and i'd be happy to help out!  really!  it's going to be a fantastic show and ALL squam 2008 artists are invited to apply!!!  

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  1. So cool! I am attending SAW in June (my first time!) so I hope they offer this next year. It's a great idea!


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