Monday, March 30, 2009

today i earned a cupcake.

i was brave.  spent the day dealing with the knee, and the doctors and the big needle that then went into said knee.  it sure did hurt. {i yelled, a lot} but i felt much better when my husband brought me a giant chocolate cupcake with mint frosting and chocolate shavings from here.  i earned it he said.  it's true, i did.   
i'm not here to complain, but i did want to say that my plan for the week is now kinda on hold for a bit.  my idea for my etsy anniversary surprise give-a-way will have to wait till i don't feel so woozy (meds) and wonky (crutches).  so that's where i'm at this week, but i hope to be better by next week for sure.  let's just say i'm in better shape than when i had my first knee surgery- it was on both knees at the same time.  'nuff said.  

thought i'd show you a little preview/sneak peek into my plan...
out in the yard

setting up

little bird set
i did a little backyard photo shoot last week with my new little birdies who will be part of the give-a-way along with more goodies i have up my sleeve. 
my current plan is to get better by staying put.  i'll eat soup (homemade chicken orzo), while i read this and then i'll watch this
see you soon + thanks for your understanding!
xo, *s


  1. wishing you well, sarah*

  2. Sarah, I wish you a speedy recovery! Do you think you will still make it to the Artstream opening? I am looking forward to seeing you again. :)

  3. I love the allowing your giving yourself. You are an inspiring individual and I hope you get better soon! Love the new piece that says flying.

  4. time is such a gift that we rarely allow ourselves...i wish patience and quiet as your knee heals. the book looks very interesting....

  5. I hope your knee settles down soon, and I hope you enjoyed that well deserved cup cake!


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