Thursday, April 9, 2009

getting back to work!

{ below: the ee cummings poem that has inspired my new painting(s) }
bird & SPRING poem

bird & SPRING
{above: one of my new pieces that is still in the works, but i wanted to share}

hello hello~
i'm not back on my feet yet, but i am trying to get back to work.  this week allowed
me to set up a little work space at home, as i'm not able to hobble over to paint at the studio yet.  (sigh.)  
i know it's not a good thing for me to be away from my work for too long... i was getting to that point of needing to paint.  you know, the not leaving the house/couch + not painting= a frustrated & unhappy-go-lucky sarah.  but let's just say this birdSPRING piece in the works is good medicine.  i'm also working on lots of new little pieces that i will share next week.  

the good news! 
i've finally have all of my ducks in a row for the give-a-away!  i'll be posting on monday with all of the details!  i'm excited to celebrate my 1 year "etsyversary" with you... be sure to stop in on monday april 13th to see what's in store.   
speaking of celebrations~ stephanie levy is having one here!  fun fun fun!  

happy thursday to you. 
xo, *s


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Your work is lovely! It is inspiring. I just wanted to say hello and say that it was nice to see you at the forum on Holly's Decor8.

  2. i adore e.e.cummings
    he often inspires me

  3. I like that poetry's inspired your art! Beautiful stuff!!


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