Friday, April 10, 2009

in process

{click on image to see more details & images}

i'm exploring with some new (to me) little papers and boards.  loosening up 
and having fun.  thought i'd share with you some bits and pieces of my process.
we'll see where these go and what they might lead to. this one is changing too!  
i'm also using the other half of my brain while working on this & learning a lot!  
wishing you a happy weekend and see you here on monday for my give-a-way!!! 
xo, *s

{ a big thanks to my big sis who sent me a feel better soon package!  it included a 
whole bunch of orla goodies from target, a sea salt chocolate bar, a card that talked which
never ever fails to crack me up, and a fun, floppy hat.  she certainly made my day!  i'm a lucky sister for sure, thanks heather! xo }


  1. I knew you looked familiar! Your work is lovely, especially this new stuff :) I had you on my flickr contacts, and am in Holly's class too!

  2. this is so fun to see your work in progress. thanks for sharing.


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