Monday, April 13, 2009

{celebration & giveaway!}

it's a give-a-way!  new prints mounted on board ready to hang!
it's my 1 year etsy anniversary this month AND this post just happens to be my 200th here on my blog!  i can't quite believe it!  thanks for being here to celebrate! 

i've chosen 3 prints to giveaway, each one of the images i've chosen represents one of my favorite things about spring. each print is mounted on a wooden panel and ready to hang on your wall. there will be 3 lucky people who will win one of these lovelies at the end of the week. click on each of my favorite things listed below to see what you can win. 

here's what to do: 
please leave me a comment on this post telling me what your 3 favorite things about spring are! be sure to leave your comment by 12 noon, (est) on friday, april 17th.  i'll randomly pick the winners and post them here friday on afternoon.  

i'll be here throughout the week, sharing new work and inspirations.  i look forward to hearing from you! 
many thanks & good luck!  
xo, *s 


  1. Congrats again for the one year anniversary and 200 posts... awesome!
    I love spring! It is my favorite season by far.
    My three favorite things about spring
    -the newness of nature. the small buds and fresh blooms opening all over the city. the buzz of the insects and tweets of the birds welcoming the new year.
    -the shift in the temperature. i love riding my bike and feeling the crisp air on my cheeks and the warmth of the sun on my head.
    -i was born in the spring. so each spring as mother nature celebrates a new year, so do i! i love birthdays and celebrating mine in the spring is the best gift ever!

    Have a great week!

  2. Congratulations on both landmark! You things are absolutely lovely!
    3 things about spring I love:
    *Not having to bundle up the kids to go out side! I save 30 minutes!
    *I live in Quebec, spring time is Sugar Shack time! Gorging yourself on maple doesn't get much better then that!
    *Winters here are bruatl, so not having your face freeze when you walk out side is definetly a plus!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your blog always makes me smile! My three favorite things about spring are.....hearing the birds sing again, seeing the first crocus and the light lasting just a little bit longer each evening...

  4. Congrats for the anniversary!!! =) My 3 favorite things of spring are the warm time... loooove leave out the winter clothes! =)), the colors... adore spring colors, in the flowers, in the sky... everywhere! and the fabulous flowers perfume! there're is my three for spring!

  5. Yay for one year and 200 posts! My three favorite things about spring are:

    Tag Sales start again! I love tage and yard sales and miss them during the winter.

    Green! As in green grass, green leaves and green foods at the Farmer's Market.

    People. More people out on the streets here in New England. Outdoor places come alive again, like sidewalk cafes, the above mentioned farmer's markets, passing people on hiking trails, etc.

  6. Lovely work! Congrats on anniversary.

    Hmmm...three favorite things about Spring?

    1. The smell of grass.
    2. Smell of rain.
    3. Seeing the first crocuses peeking up out of the ground...

  7. Love your blog and artwork! 200 posts! What a great milestone!

    My three favorite things about spring are:

    1. Hearing happy kids play up and down the street, which means mine are outside getting fresh air more too!

    2. The smell of spring rains when they first begin to fall.

    3. Here is the south, it's great to see the azaleas in full bloom!

  8. Congrats..! I'a big fan of your work, so i would be so lucky if i would have one of your prints.

    Three fav things about spring?
    *The longer and warmer days, being outside after the winter.
    *seeing the trees, bushes and flowers 'spring'. It feels always like magic, everything seems to be dead and suddenly it's all back to live again.
    *love the different light, different colors in spring

    Have a good week!

  9. oohhh! very cool idea. my 3 favorite things about spring are blue skies, nesting birds, and warmer weather WITHOUT MOSQUITOES! :)

  10. Ahhh how nice,
    1.Dogwoods (in Va they are plentiful)
    2.Kids getting outside and the sounds of laughter and my boys digging in the dirt.
    3.Spring Soccer! My husband and I play on an outdoor team together (that's how we met too!) and my sister, two brother-in-laws play on the same team as well. Every Sunday it's a little family affair, good fun!

  11. Ooh! I do hope I win! My 3 favorite spring things are:
    1. My apple tree blooms.
    2. The sun wakes me up, not the alarm.
    3. I fall in love with my bicycle all over again!

  12. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    I'm a new reader! :)

    My three favorite things about spring:

    1. The hopeful feelings in the air
    2. The variety of greens around me
    3. The rain, when I get lucky enough to have it in April

    I may make a list of my favorite things about each season now, thanks for the inspiration.


  13. ooh spring.... love your springy paintings and congrats on your milestones!
    My spring loves:
    1. looking out to birdfeeder and seeing super-yellow goldfinches and super-red house finches
    2. the promise of GREEN -- gardening, leaves, grass, trees = joy!
    3. dog walks without having to bundle up (well, really doing anything without having to bundle up!)

  14. what a wonderful give-away! happy etsy anniversary and 200th post!

    three things i love about spring - iris blooms, chartreuse colored trees, 75 degree weather.

  15. Yay, congrats! I always look forward to reading a new post on your blog.

    My three favorite things about spring are:

    • watching the progress of the gardens blooming

    • no coats!

    • early morning walks before work

  16. Happy Anniversary!
    The smell of orange blossoms!
    School is almost over!
    Birds are chirping more!

  17. Happy Anniversary! You have wonderful work.

    1. Watching the trees bud
    2. Return of songbirds
    3. Bicycling

  18. Congrats for the anniversary!
    i live in eastern Africa and I miss spring. Here there are two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.
    This is what i like and miss about spring:
    - bright colors
    - change of clothe - no more big coats and big pull-over.
    - rain, storm and sun at the same time

  19. Happy Blogiversary!! There wonderful picturres.
    Theresa N

  20. {magnolias exploding} {plenty of sunshine that makes me NEED to wash my car} {the potential to hear birds chirping when returning home from a late night}

  21. love your stuff. congrats to you. here are my three:

    popcorn blossoms
    kite flying

    thanks for the chance to win

  22. Happy etsyversary!
    3 spring loves are
    *my pink blooming Magnolia tree
    *the little plants I've started for the garden
    *the return of freckles!
    Hope your week is good!

  23. CONGRATULATIONS on your blog!!! I love your work because it reminds me of spring.
    My 3 favorite things about spring are the warmer weather, the new buds appearing everywhere, and the way the weather "cleans" up the winter landscape.

  24. Three favorites about spring: warmer temperatures, flowers blooming, green trees. I'm so glad to see the color of spring after so many months of brown!

  25. Oh Sarah, beautiful milemarkersboth, and such lovely giveaways too. OK, so 3 favourite things about spring!

    Those amazing sweet smells on the breeze while walking on the hill above my house

    The longer days filled with light and spring winds and the sounds of play and laughter outside my windows

    Lots of green everywhere! The brilliant neon green grass of spring in CA, the trees softly leafing out in a sage and lime-y fluff, the downtown farmer's market re-opening with lots of greens to buy and eat, and the green lights shining beside the blue lights in the Pacific ocean.

    Happy Anniversary

  26. 1] Blossoms bursting from fruit trees everywhere
    2] Tiny new green leaves
    3] Evenings where I can more freely create without wearing socks, tracky pants, tops, jumpers, scarfes

    Congratulations Sarah! Always inspirational.


  27. *spring rain
    *i feel as though spring offers you a fresh start

  28. Congrats Sarah! eternal "spring symbols" are:
    1. birds, like migrating warblers
    2. colors, shifting towards a nurturing green
    3. trees, blossoming with new buds

    Thank you so much. XO~gina

  29. i love your work! congrats on your anniversary.

    my favorite 3 things are:
    1. being outside with my 3 favorite kids :)
    2. puddle jumping
    3. just feeling ALIVE again after a cold, long chicago winter!

  30. Congratulations on both achievments! Well you know I am a big fan, so I must enter.

    1. Seeing both of my kids learn to ride their bike for the first time. A true milestone and a moment that they ( and I ) will never forget!

    2. Being a witness to hope as nature comes back to life.

    3. Hearing the birds sing the songs that I can not .

    Enjoy your spring!

  31. I've only just discovered your gorgeous blog and fabulous art work. It's so inspiring and I can't wait to see and read more.

    My 3 very favourite things about Spring are the sense of renewal that it always brings, blossom and that special warmth that seems to get to the very core of your being.

    Happy anniversary.

  32. Happy anniversary!

    My 3 favourite things about Spring:
    - the smell of the air
    - the light
    - the idea the Summer is just around the corner!


  33. Congratulations Sarah! Your work grows more beautiful with each season :)

    my fave things:

    blue sky and sunshine
    blooming flowers
    taking long walks by the river again :)

    I wish you another wonderful upcoming year!

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  35. Happy anniversary! Your work is beautiful. My 3 favorite things about spring are:
    - chilly crisp mornings that turn into warm sunny days
    -watching the birds collect yarn and fleece scraps that I scatter throughout the yard for their nests
    -seeing the wobbly new baby cows, horses, and sheep
    Have a wonderful week!
    All my best,

  36. Ooooh, thank you for the wonderful giveaway! Let's see, my favorite things about Spring:
    -Rediscovering our backyard and shopping for new plantings
    -A glass of wine and some knitting on the patio in the evenings as the kids run around and play
    -The bleeding heart coming back to life. Every year I think this is the year it is really dead and then one morning the dry brown branches are covered in glorious white blossoms. I am always amazed!

  37. dear sarah: you are a blossom, a spring boasting it's lovliness and i am so pleased for your landmark year on etsy. being here to celebrate with you is prize enough. wishing you another wonderful year, and many many to celebrate always. health & healing, too! all the best, stephanie alaine

  38. • hearing the birds sing
    • early sunrise
    • the start of planting fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy all summer long

  39. Congratulations Sarah! Wishing you continued excitement in your next 200 posts and next year of your shop : )
    My 3 favorite things about spring:
    *The sun. I love how 40 degrees in spring is soooo much warmer than 40 degrees in January
    *This is the first spring we've lived in our current home. I'm loving seeing plants sprout up, lots of green surprises!
    *Possibilities and projects. In the spring we make all sorts of plans for all the outdoor projects and plantings we'll do. We may only accomplish a few (a very few...) by November, but in the spring, the sky's the limit!

    Thanks for the inspiration and the wonderful giveaway!

  40. Congrats on your one year anniversary- your work and blog offer such inspiration!
    Three spring favorites for me would be:
    *The earthy smell...even my kids notice it and say "it smells good out here!" when we leave the house
    *Hiking again! I like hiking anytime, but it's tough (especially w/ kids) to stay warm enough in the WI winters, so spring makes us all itchy to get out and treck through the woods and the mud!
    *Being awakened by the sun instead of the clock...that's probably my most favorite, actually- as it starts the whole day off in a much more friendly way.

  41. Congratulations Sarah!!

    My 3 favorite things about spring.
    - waking up and hear the birds talking and sharing their latest news, listen to their songs even before my alarmbel goes off.
    - new life, new lambs and sheep sheering. Taking home lots and lots of wool for spinning.
    - gardening, and making photo's of wonderful new flowers in the garden.

    Thanks for sharing your unique works of art!

  42. birdsong -- the trees first green as gold -- a certain slant of light -- i admire your work too...

  43. Congrats and wishes for a wonderful second year.
    My 5 favorite spring things: Blosoms/new green growth, long walks outside, Easter, spring flowers (tulips, daffodils), riding my bike. :)

  44. spring love...

    scents of a waking earth
    digging in the dirt to plant things with my kids, or just for the joy of digging in the dirt!

  45. Congrats! That's great!

    My favorite things about spring:
    -longer days
    -growing things
    -the colors!

  46. Oh, thanks! Those are lovely!!!
    Congrats on 200 and the year :)
    My favourite things about spring are:

    1. getting my hands dirty... by the time spring rolls around, I'm positively itching to get out into my garden. I usually end up planting too early and then have to re-do it a couple of weeks later...

    2. turning off the furnace... it's so nice to have the windows open in the daytime, and then need to have the fireplace going in the evening.

    3. ditching the winter jackets, boots, mittens, toques... ahhhhhh, the relief of going outside with no jacket... even in shorts, or (gasp) barefoot!

    There's a lot more, of course, but those were the first ones that came to mind.

  47. Congratulations Sarah! I have admired your art for a while now, and am so excited for all of your success! You inspire so many of us...thanks for blogging about your life and your art.

    3 Favorite Things About Spring

    Birds makes me smile
    My hands in the dirt, planting
    April showers, to watch my veggies grow

    Have a lovely week!
    Thanks for letting us participate...and hoping to win a piece of your fabulous art :-)


  48. Firstly, congratulations on both counts! Secondly, how I would love LOVE to win this giveaway! Things I love about spring are;
    ~surprise flowers like the one that popped up through a crack in my doorstep
    ~that it's warm enough to sit on the beach and look at the sea for as long as I like
    ~ the feeling of possibility in the air.
    Thank you for constantly inspiring me. :o)

  49. Congratulations on your blogiversary!
    My three favorite things about spring
    - hearing birds when I wake up in the morning
    - the *smell* of fresh!
    - new buds on the trees, ready to burst open!

  50. I think I will be lucky, your drawing will be on my birthday...

    My three favorite things about spring is that I can sit outside once again and write in the sun, that it feels like a new beginning and that there are so many birthdays and holidays in spring that makes it a festive time.

    Love your art, lots and lots!

    Take care.

  51. Dear Sarah,

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Your art makes my heart sing.

    My three favorite things of spring are:
    - daffodils
    - ducklings
    - smiling people

    Best wishes,


  52. happy anniversary!
    o happy for you sweets!
    i love the pretty pretty colors everywhere
    i love how spring makes me feel... refreshed
    and i love wearing pretty dresses to prance around the lovely yellow dandelions blooming everywhere.

    love it!
    thanks :)

  53. Congratulations on both milestones! Your prints are wonderful, I especially fell in love with "long evening walks".

    In spring I love
    - light evenings
    - gardening tasks
    - birds singing

    Regards from Finland,

  54. I really love your artwork!

    Three things about spring I love:

    1. the newness of everything: blooming flowers, new trees, new birds

    2. the smells....freshly cut grass, food on the grill, roses

    3. Rain to fall asleep to at night and bright green grass to look at on my runs.

  55. Happy anniversary!! I love your shop.
    My 3 favorite springy things are:
    1. the sound of birds
    2. the arrival of fresh fruits & veggies
    3. yard sales


  56. Ah, spring. Many things to love, including:

    1. The plethora of daffodils in my front yard (it was worth all the effort planting hundreds of bulbs.

    2. Wearing yellow in honor of the warming trend.

    3. Our puppies romping in the yard.

    Congratulations on your "blogoversary." (that's a numeral "1" and not a letter "l.")

  57. i love means summer is coming and winter is leaving! ... kids can splash in puddles because its not too!!!

  58. Congratulations! All three prints are lovely. I am really looking forward to taking your class at Squam in September.

    My three favorite things about spring:
    - blooming forsythia and lilacs
    - playing with the kids in the backyard
    - spring cleaning: packing up the winter clothes and bedding, and getting out the spring/summer stuff

  59. 1) cherry blossoms
    2) baby animals
    3) sunny days!


  60. hooray to you!

    here are my 3:
    1. birdie chatter
    2. berries
    3. light*full days

    in joy,

  61. my 3 favorite spring things
    open windows
    bright yellow flowers
    eating ice cream outdoors!


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