Wednesday, April 22, 2009


{april inspirations from my sketchbook. page one}

little bits include:  vintage wallpaper circles, my favorite quote, letterpressed "scraps" i've made, little vintage french flashcards, an antique ampersand stamp, a typed up library card, one of my found old black and white photographs, my own little "april, may, june" piece, & a glassine envelope (love).  

i just love my sketchbook, i take it everywhere. whenever i fill one up, i have to run out right away to pick up another just like it. i find myself referring back to my stack of finished books again and again. my sketchbooks are great little places to record my thoughts, both visual & text, so i don't forget my many ideas that fuel future paintings.  by looking back and reading older books, i am able to learn a lot about myself and my creative process.  i've just recently started doing layered collage pages like the one you see above,  i think it's because i don't have my big chalkboard or my orange wall right now.  those "giant sketchbooks" will return this summer when we move into our new house & studio, but for now this is much easier to tote around!    

this book is also a part of {april} over at two days in july. we're both sharing our little inspirations this month, so be sure to visit and say hello!

i also wanted to thank you all so much for your kind comments on tuesday's post.  i am lucky to have such sweet readers, you each made my heart a little lighter. 

xo, *s

ps:  just like the list of 8 things, i am thinking of making the sketchbook a regular thing.  sound good to you?  


  1. sounds very very good to me!

    can you share what kind of sketchbook you use? size and paper quality and specifics. i love to find out what others are using to collect goodness!!

    happy day to you sab!

  2. I love seeing sketchbooks...It gives us a great peek into your thought process...Definitely show more!

  3. this is really great. you are quickly becoming one of my favorite artist bloggers. so much inspiration. so glad i found you through BYW class.

  4. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

  5. I like the spiral bound sketchbooks, so that you are able to lay them out flat. I've neglected my sketchbooks for a while now, but you are inspiring me to return to them. I miss that way of keeping track of ideas and visuals... saving them up in your head is not nearly as effective.

    Hey, I won't be able to go to the artstream opening after all -- I have to be in Niagara Falls the next day and it's just not going to work. (Originally I thought the opening was on Friday, which would have worked.) So I will miss seeing you again, but hopefully another time soon! xo

  6. thanks everyone!
    i had fun pulling this together, there will be more for sketchbook sneak peaks for sure!

    i use a cheap sketchbook, the brand is ProArt. I've tried the more expensive ones too, but this is my fav for size and paper texture/quality. It's acid free too so it's just right.
    I honestly think they are about 5 bucks each and I got mine at ACMoore!
    happy weekend! xo, *s

  7. Oh, I just love this collage - I'd love to see it as a regular feature.

  8. Sarah-
    I love your work!! Love this peek into your sketch book. I love seeing how others work!! Thanks for being inspiring!

  9. It is really cool to see sketchbooks. It shows the evolution of an artist. So keep that coming.

    And I just wanted to add that I really love your collages! Very inspiring.

  10. Hi Sarah, that's a lovely sketchbook! With the collages, do you find that you have problems closing the book? I've always wanted to start one too and am keen to find out what other great collectors (like you!) are using and how they are doing theirs.

  11. your blog is gorgeous i have just found it via the byw course.
    i love sketchbooks too and always have one about my person. I love your artwork , its beautiful.


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