Monday, April 27, 2009

a quick hello

falling fruit

happy monday to you! 
i'm a bit stressed getting ready for the twist fair which is coming up this weekend.... someday maybe shows will not = stress, but for now it seems to be the case!  
but i thought i'd  just pop in say hi & a big thanks for the feedback on my sketchbook!  there will be more, i'm glad you liked it!  i was happy to see it over on poppytalk today too. 
i'll be back tomorrow with *8 things*
xo, *s 
PS!  this original is now up on etsy! 
you may recognize it from cloth/paper/scissors magazine (dec. 2008)


  1. Best of luck with the preparations for the fair. I love the new piece.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I just came across your blog from Holly's's so great, and I absolutely love your collages! They're so beautiful, fun and HAPPY! Now I have to go check out your Etsy store!

  3. i LOVE this piece of luck with the prep and show!


  4. Hi Sarah, I just popped over from Holly's post on BYW. I have had you favorited in Etsy for a while, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to say I think your work is stunning. They have such life and depth, and the color palettes you use are amazing. Good luck with your show!


thanks so much for saying hello! i do my best to reply to comments, please know i read and appreciate each and every one! xo *s