Tuesday, May 26, 2009

two days in may & a lesson learned.

two days in may

my painting for two days: may

hello! i just wanted to share the latest twodays images with you. i just love that old photo of the couple in the tall grass, don't you?  if i didn't have such a fear of ticks... i'd be laying around in the tall grass staring at the sky more often.  the painting was inspired by k's words and i like the light, airy quality of it.  sometimes i feel like things can be "over painted", but this one is calm and simple.  
i have more to share today, so i'll be back later~  can you believe it?  i'm getting back on a normal posting schedule.  ah, finally.  it's a cozy, cool, rainy day here which is a productive kind of a day for me.  hurrah!  see you later.  *s

ps:  note to self:  do not "improve" or "play around" with flickr photos that you have linked to in your blog(s).   if you do this, no photo will be on the blog(s).  instead, it will tell your viewer "no photo available".  your mother in-law will then come upstairs, find you working away, embarrassingly still in your pajamas, and tell you about it.  thank goodness she caught it. 
so, yes, i confess i did that, even though i know it's a no no!  argh.  luckily i quickly fixed it and learned my lesson.   ok, more coffee is clearly needed.  
i usually work well in my pajamas by the way! : ) 


  1. i work in my pjs all the time. well, sweat pants, anyway.

  2. Hi Sarah-

    LOVE - LOVE - LOVE the new painting and the poem that inspired it.............

    Waiting for your NOHO news to share????

    Xoxoxo Liz


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