Thursday, June 25, 2009

this is what it looked like...

making a mess at the museum.

i used to spend a lot of my time in museums, this one to be exact.  i taught children's programs ranging from pre-school to high school, and then, in the summer i created my own art camp for kids.  this is what it looked like when we took over the galleries and hung out in front of famous works of art to let inspiration seep in .  we took our time, spread out, relaxed and had fun. the most important part to me, was having plenty of time for the kids to create. time to just be, and time to get into the flow of making and seeing. it seems that time like that is something that kids don't get enough of in school if you ask me.  
part of me misses teaching little kiddos, but i know i'll return to it someday for sure. for now though, i'm just happy teaching myself.  i'm allowed plenty of time to spread out, create and just be in that place where time just flies on by as i am working.  i feel very lucky. 

(we were creating our own andy warhol flowers with tissue paper. bigger here.)

* * * 
well, i'm in the studio today, although it's gotten a bit out of control.  this is all part of the process... i make a mess while i'm painting, take a break, do a major cleaning and dive right back in and make a mess again.  it never ends!  

hope this finds you with time to make your own messes... whatever they may be.  

xo, *s


  1. So ironic that I came over here today to see your post about teaching children. I am in the midst of summer art camp and am loving it. And although my personal studio time is lacking, I am being inspried to work in new directions everyday with these emerging artists. I just did a rather lengthy post on my becoming a teacher as well. I guess we are kindred spirits. I truly love your blog BTW! Best wishes. xo J

  2. That's such a great picture, with all the tissue paper and creativity strewn about. Neat to hear about what you used to do, sounds like a great job! Happy Weekend!


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