Monday, July 13, 2009

ice cream in the evenings

driving in the evening
evening roses

hello to you! 
i haven't been here in a whole week!  yowza!  hope you are all doing well and enjoying the lazy bits of mid-summer like i am.  we've been driving around the lovely local landscape in the evenings, trying to relax a bit.  i say trying, because it's been hard to force ourselves to just "be" with so many "big things" coming up.  (see first paragraph from this post)

one of those things to cross off the list will come tomorrow when i have my knee surgery... ugh. i'll be fine, just not something one exactly looks forward to!  my poor husband is in the homestretch of the dissertation writing, so my mom is going to bring me in and then i'll head home to my parents house for a few days of recovery.  i know my mom is pretty happy about the care taking role (& so am i), that's what moms are for right?! looking forward to a few days of relaxing, but i'm hoping i won't be down for the count for more than a couple of days.  i have a hard time sitting still when my to-do list is a mile long! 

i wasn't here much last week because i was hard at work in the studio with a wedding commission and another dog commission.  commissions are wonderful, just pretty challenging for me, so they take a lot of my time and concentration.  i'm thrilled with how they both came out, so i'll show you those soon too.  

i'm hanging out/working/writing/list making from the Smith campus today.  jesse has moved into his new office/lab space, so i've set up shop here for the day.  i am able to spread out and get a lot done!  looking forward to august when we be living right in the neighborhood!  

i'll be back soon~ 
xo & be in touch!  i always love hearing from you! 


  1. Hi Sarah-

    Sending you all best wishes for tomorrow. You wil be sooo happy that it's finally done!

    Your mom will rise to the occasion, you will be in good hands! Any sisters on the horizon?

    Thinking of you, and, August 1 is right around the corner!

    Xoxoxo, All of us here and in NYC (for now)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    By now you had the surgery and I hope ALL is going well. Try to take your mind off the mile long to do list, it'll still be there when your feeling better. Be good to yourself and the recovery process.

    Love, Hugs and Smiles,
    Jill from N.H.

  3. Hi Sarah, Love the ice cream cone painting--soft serve, another sign of summer ; ) Or fall, or our house anyway! Hope your surgery went well and that you're on the mend. Looking forward to seeing all you have to share!

  4. I was away for a week too- and after I committed to my blog. Oh well, I re-committed! My very best to you with your knee surgery-I think you had it already.


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