Monday, July 20, 2009



hello!  how are you?!  i've missed you!

i'm back from my knee surgery/pain medication/too much tv watching haze that was my last week!  all went well, it's just the patience for sitting still that i'm lacking now...  can't it just be healed already!?  i know, i know, it hasn't even been a week, but i've now learned that summertime may not be the best time to be cooped up with my knee above my heart!  although, it did allow me to get my fill of "what not to wear" and the food network!  i was recuperating at my parent's house, and since we don't have tv, it was a bit of a treat, but i think i filled my quota of those shows for an entire year.  

in other news, my hometown had a balloon festival this past weekend~ so we went balloon chasing around town the other night and it was so much fun!  AND!  last year for christmas we were given a hot air balloon ride!  so perhaps the next balloon pics i'll share will be from that ride!  

anyway, i wanted to stop in, say hello & let you know that i'm back!  
see you tomorrow here AND here!  
xo, *s

ps: AND it's my birthday tomorrow!  : )  


  1. how precious are you? seeking hot air balloons when you're supposed to have that knee of yours propped up! sending you much healing, a cool NE breeze and inspiration unending. oh and birthday candles, too! happy early birthday to you!

  2. happy birthday for tomorrow... I hope you feel better soon. My partner just had knee surgery too.

  3. happy early birthday sarah! wishing you a smooth recovery and take gentle care!

  4. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Wishing you a joyful day!

  5. thank you thank you!!!! working on the recovery part... all of your good wishes are helping!!

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday, Sarah! And that re-coup-erating should be re-COOP-erating!

    Your cheery posts do so much for your readers. Just hope some of that cheer echoes back to YOU!

  7. Happy early birthday sarah..

    this is so lovely.. may you enjoy your very special day

  8. you poor thing !
    I had no idea you were now in doesn't sound like much fun at all....

    hang in there !


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