Friday, August 7, 2009

furry feet

bella feets (before)

earlier this summer, i was commissioned by the adorable and talented kelly rae to do a painting of her sweet dog bella.  see my portrait on display in her super fun home over on her *new* blog! (bigger here.)  *thanks k!* i've also added some "in the works" pictures of the process on my flickr.  

phew.  what a busy week!  moving really takes a lot of you!  (well, me anyway)  last night was the first night i had a sound sleep in our new place.  not sure why, but i think i just stay alert for new noises in the night... and there is also a bright streetlight shining in right on my face... hmmm, that could be it!  gotta find those curtains!  i promise some pictures soon, but so far it's not too exciting since we haven't gone to get our furniture from storage.  one step at a time as they say!  we decided to stay here and just enjoy our weekend in our new home.  we are going to see this movie tonight!  hooray!  i've been waiting for this one for a while... 

happy weekend to you!  *s


  1. I just found you this morning, I saw your Bella painting over at Kelly Rae's site. You have lots of life changes going on seems like. I love your collage style...I'll have to investigate your art further when I have more time...cheers! Mary

  2. Hi Sarah, I hope you'll be really happy in your new home. Can't wait to have a good nose around! Hope your knee's healing up nicely too. x

  3. So glad to have you back! My blog roll hasn't been the same without your happy posts. Best wishes with the moving in. Just think, you get to set up a new art space, which I think is super fun. It also gets the ideas flowing once again!

  4. glad you have settled into your new home and good to have had a goon nights sleep.

    Love the bella painting, so very cute.

  5. Just saw this movie tonite and I loved it. I bet the soundtrack is awesome too.

  6. Saw your Bella painting on flickr. A very sweet piece of art you've made!


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