Monday, August 10, 2009

little bits of home.

sunday morning

farmhouse sink and lots of potential

so sunday started with blueberries at home and ended in a filled to capacity movie theatre where we saw julie & julia.  it was a fantastic!  i've never ever gone to a movie (in a big, mall type of theatre) that was so packed that we had to sit right up front!  second row to be exact, and yes it was neck straining, but i have to say that i was really fine with it because the movie was just that good.  really.  

i am currently in the middle of reading the book julie & julia (finally picked up again after starting it this winter) but decided that on an unseasonably cold and rainy sunday night that it might a perfect movie to see, even though i haven't yet finished the book.  i'm glad that i did, now i can fill in the gaps and continue on my foodie book reading spree with My Life in France, which is next in line on the nightstand.  OH! and Meryl Streep as Julia~  she was amazing.  just amazing!  you gotta see it if you have any interest in food, cooking, Julia Child or just downright good life stories.  (and Stanley Tucci!  he's an extra bonus, love him!) 

i do remember watching Julia Child on PBS when i was little.  i really liked the show, although i also remember being confused by the whole idea of cooking on tv.  but, i did like the part at the end where she said "bon appetit!" and sipped the wine... i wonder if i can dig up some old episodes on netflix... hmmm.  maybe for now i'll just stick with my current netflix obsession, anthony bourdain.  yes, it's true, i'm in love with him too.  

in other news~ here are some of my first {new home} photos to share!  we still don't have our furniture (or internet) yet, but i am really loving our new digs.  can't wait to share more with you soon!

see you tomorrow~ *s

ps: i know i said that we were going to a different movie, that was the original plan, but it was hard to get excited to see a summery flick on such a dreary night!  i'm saving that one for a summer night soon.  


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  2. That is the most wonderful sink!
    I bet your house is going to be as wonderful as your artwork.....

    congratulations on your new home


  3. i too am reading julie julia right now. i had gotten it from the library but had to return it because everyone has holds on it right now. i am back reading again and can't wait to finish it and go see the movie. my next book is My Life in France, too. as well as Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. i suppose i will have to return all the books before i get them started though.


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