Tuesday, August 18, 2009

so today is tuesday.

peaches are out.

wanna glimpse into my weekend?

off to unpack storage locker.  so. incredibly. hot.  26 foot long moving truck.  (thinking we own too much stuff). very sunny & hot. so hot. 
done. off to lunch, then to a wedding on saturday night, also hot, but much more fun and festive. sparklers, fireworks & good friends. 
early to rise. drive back with said truck, hot once again.  arrived at new storage locker, 5 hours later. just as we get unpacked, as if on some sort of evil cue... the sky opens.  torrential, i mean torrential downpour.  it poured and poured and then poured some more.  (let's just say i had to ring out my undergarments)  
so yesterday was monday, and i spent the the day unpacking boxes of soggy, soaking wet newspaper wrapped belongs.  our toaster was in an inch of water.  i think it survived.  
a memorable move for sure.  let's just say it all worked out in the end and leave it at that.  

so today is tuesday and it's a new, albeit hot, day!  

ps: would you like a peach?! 


  1. This made me laugh out loud. Yes, I would love a peach! Here's to a more relaxing weekend that is less hot with no wet undergarmets.

  2. I would love a peach. Found your site by way of the Squam site.

  3. oh well, that does sound memorable...
    i know moving is hard even without rain.
    enjoy your peaches and know that eventually you will be all snug and settled in!


  4. Hello! Just found your lovely blog today, thought I'd say hi!

  5. Hi Sarah-- I nominated you for a Meme award...check out my site to see if you want to claim it...;)
    best, Rochelle http://greayer.com/studiog/?p=3961 -

    Oh- and I hope the move is starting to go a bit smoother and you are getting all settled.


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