Tuesday, September 29, 2009

it's a green, fall day.

fresh from the market


i've been riding my post-squam high and totally procrastinating on work that needs to get done! anybody else having the same issue?! i have my biggest show of the year here next weekend, and i am not quite ready yet! today is the day to get in my studio and lock the door, but i wanted to say hello to you first. (more procrastinating?)
i so love hearing from all of you about squam... THANK YOU for your sweetness! i've had some requests for my ipod playlist~ that will be coming soon... stay tuned. also, to my squam students~ i haven't forgotten about the two minute list, but it will have to wait until after my art show. (it will be worth the wait, promise!) more squam pictures coming soon...

i'm participating in poppytalk's Autumn Color Week, today is green. you should come and play too! i'm loving the fall so far...
also, tonight we're off to see Mary Oliver. she's doing a reading just down the street! very lucky us! (i'll be scribbling away in my sketchbook... )

see you soon~

ps: jenny doh was the guest speaker at squam on opening night. i sat behind her on the stage as she shared her story, tears running down my cheeks. it was just magical. you can read what she shared with us here. i highly recommend reading it in full. i also just love the picture she took of kate, jess and me one night durning dinner! thanks jenny, it's really special.


  1. Sarah... sending productive thoughts your way (I've been suffering with post-Squam procrastination as well - doing new work means Squam is really over!). Good luck and best wishes for your show this weekend! --warmly, aleece

  2. those carrots look so yummy and fresh! me telling you to get busy would be the pot calling the kettle black (lol). best of luck getting things finished up for your show!


  3. Sarah-
    So...........glad you mentioned next week-end, that will be a good time to catch up!!

    Can't wait to see the new pieces, of course.

    Any sisters around?
    Xoxo Liz

  4. I also was very moved by Jenny's opening words and was so glad to see that posted today. I'm just now coming down from the clouds post-squam and getting back to 'work' here at home. I hung your prints last night and that's a sweet reminder for me of having such fun in your class. Hope you have an amazing show this weekend! Since it's green day, I will reiterate how 'green' with envy I am that you get to hear MO in person.

  5. Very excited you get to see Mary Oliver. Wish I were attending with you. Hope the art show goes well.

  6. I am loving the organic carrots and flowers. I completely get the procrastination thing. Good luck with your show- and how wonderful to see Mary Oliver!

  7. wow. a mary oliver reading. girl, you are blessed. please do report on her words. hooray for you {procrastinating or not!}

  8. Hi Sarah !
    I have been feeling exactly like that !!! Full of energy, high as a kite on Squam love and inspiration, but with no focus on the have-to's. A little scary but so good in other ways ! I have a feeling reality is going to be a little harder to take but that's okay - Squam and all its gifts are in me forever.
    I wanted to wish you great success with you show. How exciting !
    Can't wait to hear all about your experiences.
    Happy Trails !

  9. Oh, wow - can't wait to read about your impressions of Mary Oliver. Absolutely love her!

    And I can't get enough of this photo! Such lovely colors (and that fabric looks familiar - think I swiped a little patch of it for my envelope during class)! :)


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