Tuesday, October 27, 2009

new little piece to share

new little butterfly painting

hello again!
thanks for your comments on my photo shoot! i'll share more on that here too, but i just loved how thea summed up the magic of that day we had together over on her blog, so i had to share. i'm so thrilled with the photos... my favorite detail by far is the way the sky and clouds are reflected in the windows behind me... how amazing that she was able to capture that! wow.

today was a gray, rainy day here. i stayed in all day, and, i confess, even took a nap! cozy cozy. i think i needed a little color though, so i wanted to share one of my new little pieces that sold at my last show. this butterfly appeared out of nowhere as i was working, but i really love it. perhaps more butterflies will follow. prints will be made available soon of this on etsy too.

see you tomorrow for more catching up! xo *s


  1. This is beautiful Sarah. I love butterflies!

  2. Oh this is so sunny-perfect for an overcast day. The clouds came to greet you my dear. They know how good you are to them in your work;)

  3. oh! the photos are so awesome!!! love the butterflies too :_) xox


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